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Method for the "Both teams to score" market

The both teams to score market is an excellent choice for punters, since it possible to work based on a concrete data base and get incredible profits.

In this article I'm going to share my experience in this market, both my successes and failures, as well as the small details that can make the difference and help you grow your bank.


Is it easier or harder to bet on football matches than on other sports?

Unlike football, in sports played for points, as well as in horse racing, the numbers are more predictable because the stats are more reliable and it's easier to find patterns. In Football matches, on the other hand, we depend on goals, which don't happen that often.

Elements to consider for the analysis of a football match

In sport bets, the analysis of matches is key to the success of anyone trying to earn money in the long run. Analysing a football match before placing a bet is obviously the most basic strategy you should follow if you wish to make a profit from your bets. In this article I try to sum up some basic elements that should be taken into consideration when analysing a football match.

Positions at a Poker table

One of the greatest advantages in Poker is to be the last to speak, because you'll know what everyone else has decided and you'll have more information to decide what to do with your hand.

Therefore, you need to know each different position and how to use its advantagens and and deal with its disadvantages, which is what I try to explain in this article.

the team I support: turning a weakness into a strength

All experienced sports bet traders and betting sites tell us not to bet on the team we support because we won't be able to separate our emotions from reason.

Truth is we can turn that weakness into a strength and use it to win money in our bets.

Sports bet trading based solely on a technical analysis

If in live trading we can predict fast odd rises and falls, in pre-match we can also predict variations in matches with low uncertainty, just by analysing the market.

What NOT to do in the betting game

We've all heard the advices and warnings of the other, more experienced better about common rookie bettor mistakes.

It is not always possible to learn from other's experience though, I had to lose my initial bank in full just to begin thinking about the mistakes I was making...

Sports betting Trading as an investment option

I'm not trying to hype Trading as being the best investment of them all, not even as better as regular stock exchange; each investor has its own profile, hence its own investment choices.

My intention is solely to inform you that it is possible to get small, but consistent, profits through bet Trading, using very low risk tactics to achieve that goal.

Odd graphic variation with match time (price over time)

Analyze the live odd history and find out how the odds vary with match events!

The new Odds page on football matches will provide you with an all new dimension of past match analysis, to help you predict and draw up the best betting strategies for the future.

Time to enter the pre-live Trading markets

There is not an exact time to have a fully formed market. Depending on the match, the market can be formed only on the match day itself or taking shape with over 7 days before kickoff.

The are different ways to take advantage of the market formation moments to do some pre live Trading.

Beginner Trading (Tennis examples)

For you to succeed on your trading bets you must know that what you have to do is to look for oscillating markets and take advantage of it. Buying when it's high and selling when it’s low or buying when it's low and selling when it's high.


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Finished matches

00:00 Boca vs Tucumán
00:30 Def y Justicia vs Botafogo
00:30 Aurora vs Bolívar
00:30 Defensor Sp. vs Atlético MG
00:30 Serra vs Vasco
17:55 Villarreal vs Sporting CP
17:55 Salzburg vs Club Brugge
17:55 Napoli vs Zürich
17:55 Arsenal vs BATE
17:55 Frankfurt vs Shakhtar D
17:55 Valencia vs Celtic
17:55 Zenit vs Fenerbahçe
17:55 Dinamo Zagreb vs Viktoria Plzeň
20:00 Chelsea vs Malmö
20:00 Betis vs Rennes
20:00 Dynamo Kyiv vs Olympiakos
20:00 Benfica vs Galatasaray
20:00 Inter vs Rapid
20:00 Leverkusen vs Krasnodar
22:15 Criciúma vs Oeste
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