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Method for the "Both teams to score" market

The both teams to score market is an excellent choice for punters, since it possible to work based on a concrete data base and get incredible profits.

In this article I'm going to share my experience in this market, both my successes and failures, as well as the small details that can make the difference and help you grow your bank.


How to win money betting on tennis

Tennis is one of the best sports for betting on Betfair, with plenty of opportunities to make money, both before and during the games.

The full time bettor and tennis expert from Betfair blog, Sean Calvert, highlights the best ways to maximize your profit...

Poker open the bets: size matters

By lowering your opening raise to say 2.4 big blinds, you can start to come in for a raise with a wider range of hands because the cost of being three-bet off your hand is much less.

One area of poker that has changed drastically over the years is the size of players' bets and what is deemed a standard bet size.

How to avoid having a TILT in poker that ruins your bank

The first thing you need to do is find out what sort of tilter you are. Do not believe anyone who says they do not tilt. They are lying. Everyone does it in some way, shape or form.

Increase Your Poker Profits In Five Easy Steps

Bankroll management may be one of the most boring subjects in the world but it is crucial to get right if you want to be a profitable poker player.


Poker: playing against Loose-Passive players

Loose-passive players are always looking for an excuse to call. Usually having third pair is more than enough for them to make the call regardless of the texture of the board or of the action they have been facing on previous streets.

How to handle the losses in Poker

How you cope and deal with losing at poker can often be the difference between you being a winning player and a losing one.

Lear how to deal with "bad beats" in Poker

How you deal with bad beats can and will shape you as a poker player, the sooner you get used to them the better because they are not going away anytime soon so you may as well learn how to deal with bad beats and even come to embrace them.


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