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Best bets for Tuesday 24/08/21

Keep track of the best bets for Tuesday 24/08/21!

The daily life of a professional bettor

I'm a professional trader, punter and tipster in football and horse markets. I have already written several articles for the Betting Academy, and I now take the opportunity to introduce myself and tell what is one day of my life as a professional gambler.

I begin by remembering that it is possible to make money from sports betting: it is not luck, it is mathematics.
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Month's top Tipsters
SC moacir1970 2,890%
2 fran1978 Pro 2,308%
SC Rodrigo Tipster 2,240%
SC Bruno B Jacobsen 1,794%
5 JhonySatilio 1,790%
SC helio bapex 1,682%
SC Eduardo Bere 1,651%
SC everto_tons 1,316%
SC psslucena 1,260%
10 Sergio Felini Junior 1,160%
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