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Google to launch tool against gambling and sports betting ads

Google's feature is intended to restrict advertisements for games and sports betting.

New platform to detect suspicious bets

Know everythingabout the new platform to detect suspicious bets.

Brazil moves forward with debate on game regulation

Regulation of games, from a legal point of view, has a debate in Brazil.

Suspicious bets grow in this third quarter of 2020

According to the IBIA, suspicious betting alerts grew in the third quarter of 2020; check details.

No tv schedule yet for US (change)

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SC Bruno B Jacobsen 1,794%
5 JhonySatilio 1,790%
SC helio bapex 1,682%
SC Eduardo Bere 1,651%
SC everto_tons 1,316%
SC psslucena 1,260%
10 Sergio Felini Junior 1,160%
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