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To do nothing can be a productive strategy

Sometimes, simply doing nothing can be an asset, knowing this is the first step to successfully implementing this concept.

The duality of doing nothing is set between the premises "stop winning" and "stop losing".

Partnering with a friend

Paulo Rebelo's Chronicle for Remate Magazine ("O Jogo" newspaper supplement) - 25 February 2012

"Are you unsure about entering the betting world?
Try partnering up with a friend!"

A Portuguese millionaire

Interview published on the weekly magazine Sábado on March 10th 2011.

"A single match can net me 25 thousand Euros."

"To make a profit I have to analyse everything: the teams, the stadia and the team's morale. You can issue thousands of orders per match."

How to deal with a red? Analyse, close the position and start over.

Before taking any action, when things go wrong it is important to find out what failed: totally wrong analysis, correct analysis and it was just part of the law of probabilities, bad luck...

Independently of what my conclusion to the above is, what I always do is close my position, every time.

What is behind the fair odd calculation

To arrive at the fair odd, be it an Over/Under or on a 1X2 market, we must take into account everything that is relevant to that match: tables and pre-live statistical indicators, news or other psychological, less measurable factors of the teams and match.

What is Trading?

Paulo Rebelo’s Chronicle for “Remate” magazine (issue No 1) 7 January 2012

Another Paulo Rebelo’s chronicle fills the center pages of the first Portuguese magazine targeted to Online Sports Betting.

What is a Lay bet? (example)

The possibility to bet against something, or simply the Lay bets, is the key to allow us to trade sports bets. Without Lay bets, there will not be trading.

This type of bets are only available in bet exchanges such as Betfair (the largest one). Lay bets are not available in traditional bookmakers.

Punter vs Trading

There are two main ways to make money with sports betting: Doing simple bets (Punter) or doing trading.

Here you'll find two videos (engish subtitles) to learn how to place your first bet and how to do your first trade on betfair website, and also to learn the main differences between simples bets and trading.

Short competitions / Season begin

In the absense of an history, the interpretation that is done during the game is the most important.

Trading pre-live periods

Prelive trading can be divided in two steps:
- Until one hour before the game starts the odds respect the correlations and we can predict its movement;
- In the hour that precedes the starting of the game there are an increase in liquidity and the movement of the odds are more determined by the market, its movement is also less predictable;
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