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How to end a bet with a profit?

How to end a bet with a profit?
Using hedging is a way to end the bet with a guaranteed profit.
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The title of the story can be a bit tempting, as a number of factors are needed to make a profit on a bet. However, if during the game your entry is on your side, that is, making a profit, you can end it with guaranteed money, regardless of what happens until the end of the game. So, even if there is a turnaround, you will make a profit. This is called hedging, which is the most familiar term among gamblers.

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Hedging consists of placing a new bet, with the opposite result from what was originally made. That way, any result after the ninety minutes will be on your side. It's true that the profit will be lower, but at the same time, you reduce the risks and guarantee money in your pocket, essential for those who deal in this field.

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This is extremely used by professional bettors, or also by those who study and seek to evolve, even if they are not experienced in the betting world. One of the main shortcomings of amateur players is greed and lack of patience, wanting to get the most profit, in the shortest time possible. However, many things happen during a match, (regardless of the sport), and you need to be prepared and prepared for that.
After a good explanation of the importance of using a hedge in a bet, now let's go to the practical example.
In the Premier League, we will have the game Tottenham vs Chelsea.
The odd for the visiting team is @2.20 and, as you analyzed that Chelsea are going through a great moment, they end up making an entry of $50 for the Blues to win the match.
The game starts and the blue team from London confirms the favoritism throughout the first half, ending the first part with 1x0. Right now you're profiting, because you bet Chelsea's victory and he's winning.
Here you have two options: either wait until the end of the match, hoping they stay ahead of the marker, and win 100% of what was wagered; or you cover, making less money but with money backed, no matter what happens in the second half! In hedging, you'll bet on a double possibility for the home team, that is, that Tottenham will win or at least draw the match.
Did you get it?
Before the match you bet on Chelsea to win, and with the ball rolling you bet Tottenham to win or draw. That is, all possible outcomes within a football match.
But how to make a profit betting this way?
Before explaining the math, it is important to point out that it is not always necessary or interesting to make this type of strategy. If the second half starts with Chelsea much better, or with Tottenham having a player sent off or the team's star replaced due to injury, it doesn't make sense to break your bet, as your team is closer to 2x0 and finish the match, than that the rival team tie and ruin everything.
But let's assume that the home team came up and is much better in the second half. The tie seems to be a matter of time. The best alternative is not to pray, but to act. In this way, you can hedge:
- Chelsea's victory: @2.20 x $50 = $110 ($60 net profit)
- Quote for Tottenham to tie or win the match (double chance) when you will cover in the second half: @3.50.
Hedging consists of taking part of the profit you might earn, and betting on the opposite outcome. In this case, Chelsea's victory offers you $60. You can take part of that amount, and bet on Tottenham.
As we said, the profit will be smaller, but it will be guaranteed. If you don't, and Tottenham tie or turn the game around, you will lose the initial $50 wagered.
Thus, if you take $30 (out of the $60 of the possible profit) and bet on the odd 3.50 = $105.
$105.00 minus the $30.00 wagered minus the $50.00 from the first bet = $25.00.
In summary:
- Chelsea wins, you win $30 ($60 minus the $30 wagered on Tottenham).
- Tottenham tied or won, you get $25.
Every bettor wants to win as much as he can, in which case it would be the $60 of Chelsea's victory. But it is important to study the match and analyze which direction the duel is heading. This mainly serves to reduce risks, maintain a healthy bankroll, in addition to working your psyche with all the involvement that a bet requires, and of course, guaranteeing a buck, regardless of the final result.

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