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Poker Star: Linda Johnson

Poker Star: Linda Johnson
Today's poker star is the American Linda Johnson.
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Born in Long Island, New York, USA, on October 14, 1953, Linda Johnson is a professional in the field of poker, but before venturing into the market, she provided services for the United States Postal Service. On her journey, Johnson rose to prominence in the poker world by winning a World Series of Poker bracelet in 1997.

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Born on Long Island, New York, Linda Johnson lived a life of "affinity" with her father. Although Linda has served in the US Postal Service and constantly travels to Las Vegas in search of BlackJack games, her father taught her to play poker and detailed all the best ways to play and bet effectively, being a Linda Johnson supporter .

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Contact with poker

After learning from her father the best ways to bet within the game of poker, Linda Johnson at age 21 began to participate in constant events in the field. Despite her early start at the poker tables, Linda Johnson won a World Series of Poker bracelet at age 44. At the time, the year was 1997 and Johnson did well in the $1,500 Seven-Card Razz event, having managed to take home the title of champion of the edition along with the WSOP bracelet.

Life away from the tables

While Linda Johnson is known for being a star at the poker tables, and even named "The First Lady of Poker" by legend Mike Sexton, she is also a great poker writer. After making her career in poker, Linda Johnson worked as a writer for a poker site for eight years. Although the magazine she worked for was sold, Johnson continued to write for them.
Among her acknowledgments, Linda also created the Tournament Directors Association, which helped organize the World Poker Tour tournament rules. Since then Johnson has served on the event's Board of Directors.
On a curiosity level, Linda Johnson was one of the founders of the World Poker Tour and served as an announcer for the series' opening six seasons of events. Later, in 2009, Johnson was one of the contributors to founding PokerGives, an organization that helps players donate to charities around the world.
Due to her collaboration with the game of poker, in the year 2017 Linda Johnson received the World Poker Tour Honors Award with the inauguration of the WPT Honors Award. The award was dedicated to the player for her numerous contributions to the poker community and to the WPT itself. At the time, World Poker Tour CEO Adam Pliska was keen to emphasize: “We are proud to present Linda Johnson the WPT Honors Award. The Award represent the most important people in our industry and in the history of the WPT. Linda has played a unique role in helping to shape the World Poker Tour and embodying everything the WPT stands for."
However, even before the World Poker Tour honored the pro, Linda Johnson had been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in the year 2011. It is worth mentioning that in the same year, Barry Greenstein was also inducted as a member of the Poker Hall of Fame.


These days, Linda Johnson is still active at the poker tables. The last record of the player was this year, and reveals that Linda Johnson was at The Orleans 2021 Fall Poker Series, in Las Vegas, on October 12th. At the time, Linda participated in the $400 H.O.R.S.E tournament and ended up being eliminated in 36th place.

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