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How does the Dutching strategy work in sports betting?

How does the Dutching strategy work in sports betting?
See how the stakes are distributed in the dutching strategy.
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There are millions of bettors across the planet, but only a very small portion apply more elaborate thoughts in their bets, such as formulas, methods and strategies. When it comes to math and calculators, the number drops even more, as not everyone seeks to learn and extract the maximum chances of winning in this medium, given the demand they ask for. With that in mind, today we'll show you a very simple strategy that can be interesting to apply, called Dutching.

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The most common bets that exist are those in which we choose which team will win the match and put some money in that possibility, right? And if we say that in this strategy we can choose more than one result, doesn't it seem to be advantageous? In short, this is what the dutching technique is all about, distributing the total amount and betting on some possibilities to come out the winner. Obviously, the return can be less than hitting the result squarely, but this distribution of chances and risks also has its positive side.

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Here the idea is: take the amount you would place a bet and distribute it harmonically between the odds offered, so that in the end the profit can be the same, or very close to it, even if one odd is 4.00 and another be 7.00, for example. Of course, in this case, the first odd would be given a higher value, and the second a lower value, since its return is much more profitable, but that is exactly what the dutching strategy is all about.
Now you might be thinking, but what sport or market can I apply this to, and how will I know how much money to put on each selected bet?
There are dutching calculators all over the internet, where you will put the amount you want to bet, in addition to entering the chosen odds, and the system will automatically tell you how this distribution will be. With the technology available, it's no longer necessary to rack your brain.
However, it is not in any market or sport that we can apply this technique, but in football it is possible to explore this strategy in some specific markets.
We will take the Correct Score market for a match, as there are thousands of options to bet on here. This is important to be said, as there is no way to distribute your money in markets where the result is one or the other, or at most three possibilities, such as a victory for one of the teams or a draw. In this type of market, you do not have a profit return, as it is restricted by the margins offered by the houses.
The idea is to pick markets where there are thousands of outcome options, and pick the most likely ones (in your analysis). That's why we'll take the result of a game, as the possibilities are endless, from a boring 0 to 0 to an insane 5 to 3. The level of difficulty makes the odds very attractive, but making an in-depth study of the game and the characteristics, statistics and history of both teams, the chances grow a lot, as there are many patterns in a game.
Let's practice!
Milan x Juventus

You analyzed everything about the match, checked the style of play of both, goals scored and conceded, the history of the classic, the moment in the championship, among other things, and chose 4 likely outcomes.
1x1 - 2x1 - 1x2 - 2x2
You want to distribute $200 in these probabilities, but for that you will have to analyze the quotes of each scoreboard before distributing the values ​​correctly, so that the profit is guaranteed, regardless of which of these scores happens.
The odds are like this: 10.0 – 12.50 – 8.00 – 7.60
Putting all this information into the calculator, it will give the exact amount to distribute in each quote. It would look like this:
- $45.00 on the scoreboard with odd 10.00
- $38.00 on the scoreboard with odd 12.50
- $57.00 on the scoreboard with odd 8.00
- $60.00 on the scoreboard with an odd 7.60
If you place these values ​​in this event in the bookmaker, you will see that the net return will be practically the same, as this is the idea of ​​the dutching calculator, distribute evenly and guarantee the profit without possible calculation errors. Obviously if no result comes out, you lose the entire amount invested in the bet. However, it is a way to reduce the risks and increase the chances, if compared to the probability of hitting only one alternative.

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