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Doyle Brunson chooses the four best poker players

Doyle Brunson chooses the four best poker players
Living legend Doyle Brunson has named the top four poker players on his journey.
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This past weekend, living legend of the sport, Doyle Brunson, named the four best poker players in his journey. Professional Doyle Brunson, who has a long life and an affinity to be envied with many poker players, went on his Twitter to declare who would be the biggest icons of the sport.

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The grinder known as the "Texas Dolly", Brunson, referred to four players, comparing them to Mount Roushmore, the monument in which the four presidential faces of the United States can be found. So, the living legend declared that his "Mount Roushmore" would be the stars: Chip Reese, Johnny Moss, Phil Ivey and Erik Seidel. It is noteworthy that last year, Brunson had already voted Reese the best poker player of all time.
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Although the living poker legend chose his quartet, Doyle ended up getting Erik Seidel's spelling wrong. In his post, Brunson wrote "Sidel", but that didn't matter much to Erik. The grinder, who was an 11-time WSOP champion, responded the following to the legendary Brunson: "don't worry about the spelling, you've made my day".
Brunson's post received several comments in the Twitter universe, including David Baker. The grinder, known as "ODB" at the poker tables, was keen to point out that any "Mount Rushmore" list that didn't have Brunson's name on it would be disqualified from any argument: "Any Mt Rushmore list that doesn’t include you is automatically disqualified from consideration". Despite that, some comments also pointed out that they missed Phil Hellmuth on the list.
One of Brunson's Twitter followers commented, "Phil is going to be so mad about this." However, Doyle kindly replied, "There are only 4. I can't please everyone. If there were 5, he would be on the list." Other big names like Johnny Chan, Daniel Negreanu and Stu Ungar were singled out who should be on Brunson's list.

Brunson chooses the best poker player

In the year 2020, living legend Doyle Brunson named the best poker player of all time. Amidst so many names that have established themselves in the sport, including Brunson himself, the 88-year-old legend had the humility to elect the "best player of all time". In his own words "Tex Dolly", who has 10 bracelets under his belt, didn't think twice to say: "The greatest player of all time is Chip Reese. Nobody comes close."
Brunson's comment at the time was the result of one of his followers claiming that for Brunson the greatest player of all time had been Stu Ungar. With that, Brunson went public to deny this line: "I never said that Stu was the best". Doyle explained: "I said he's the best winning player I've ever seen, but one of the worst losing players I've ever seen."
In that situation, poker star Erik Seidel commented on Doyle's humility, as usual, stating: "I always felt that even though Chip is great, you're not considering yourself. A really extraordinary poker mind, and remains active". However, Brunson maintained his opinion, and continued to claim that Chip Reese was the best poker player of all time.
Despite his recognition, Edward Reese, known as "Chip Reese", ended up passing away in 2007, at 56 years of age. At the time, the American had already made $4 million in live tournaments alone and owned three WSOP bracelets.

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