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League of Legends positions

League of Legends positions
Learn all about League of Legends positions!
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League of Legends is a MOBA game, where two teams are made up of five players in each position. The game format follows a strategic line, where each position plays an extremely important role in each game. In this way, each player has a different responsibility within the game, what we call "roles". In League of Legends, there are five different roles, classified as follows: Top, Jungler, Mid, ADC and Support.

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The Top lane is the Top role's departure location. Here, you can usually see the champions who have the most health within the game. By mixing endurance and strength, you'll find the champion who is usually the most "tanky" in the game. Although the top-laners champions don't guarantee much damage, they can stand to take a lot of damage from opponents, being one of the flagships for any game.

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The map jungle is where you'll meet the Jungler. This role is a bit difficult to specify the abilities of champions that can be found, as there is a wide range of champions that can suit the position. However, it is common to find champions who are tough and guarantee good damage during the game, and they play a role of supporting the entire team, as they are always switching between lanes to help their allies. Junglers, in addition to having good damage, have a great mobility advantage, to help the team or to escape from tricky situations.


On the Mid lane you will find the game's mid laner. Here, you can see that the chosen champions generally have more damage in their skills. They are in the middle of the map and can help the lanes on the side, such as Top and Bot. Mid-laners often use champions who have spell abilities, to facilitate kills and locomotion.


The position of ADC is found in the Bot's lane, that is, the bottom lane. The ADC's are champions who have ranged abilities, that is, they can maintain a certain distance to damage their opponents with the basic attack. ADC's are generally the champions that do the most damage during a match, so they are often protected by their teammates, with an emphasis on Jungler and Support.


The Support position is found in the bottom lane, in the Bot, along with the ADC from the match. The support, as the name implies, has the mission to support the ADC of the match and the rest of the team. They don't usually do much damage, but they have great resistance to keep their ADC alive. Generally, in this position are chosen tank champions (who can take a lot of damage), mages or champions who use a lot of shielding or healing abilities. The supports also have the mission of keeping a good view of the map, guarding each passage near the Bot to be aware of the enemy's footsteps.
Now that you understand how all League of Legends positions work, it's always good to stay up to date with new updates from Riot Games. It's very normal for things to change within the game, for example, you see some champion who is often chosen as support, being in the "Top" position. Another very common change in the game is some ADC being used in the "Mid" lane and vice versa. Even some support champions can be used as marksmen. Anyway, being on top of everything that happens is extremely important to improve your gameplay.

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