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The corners market in football

The corners market in football
The corner market is one of the betting alternatives in football.
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Betting in corners is something that many players appreciate, and we also like to bring analysis of this market. Even though the betting volume is not so large compared to the 1v2 market, the bettor who knows how to read the teams correctly (statistics, behavioral, tactical and strategic information), especially in the course of the match, has a great chance of winning a lot of money in this market.

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Bookmakers in general offer some ways to bet in corners, the best known are: the over/under market, handicaps and the interval of minutes. In the over/under option, players can either choose the total number of corners for a match, as well as the total for a specific team. Example: in the match between Milan x Juventus, you can bet that there will be over 9.5 corners in the game (in this case the sum of corners of the two teams must be at least 10), as well as choosing that Juventus will have more than 5.5 (in this option Juventus will need to have 6 corners in their favor).

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The handicap market is the same one known for several sports, including football. In this case the bookmaker offers an advantage (or disadvantage) to a team in corner numbers. If the choice is Milan +2.5 corners, the bettor only loses if the Turin team takes 3 or more corners than Milan. However, the game play minute interval option is not offered by every bookmaker, but it is also an interesting market. In this option, you can bet that a corner will be taken at a certain time period of the game. For example, you can bet on over 0.5 corners in the interval from 20 to 30 minutes of play. This means that the bettor will win the bet if within that specific 10-minute interval, 1 corner occurs. You can also bet that there will be no corner in this interval.
Now that you know which markets are common and the differences between them, it's important to show that it's not about luck or anything like winning in corners, but rather an evaluation of factors that are essential for success in this market, some really obvious even.
If we take the market for breaks of minutes or total corners of a game, it is important to have a thermometer of what is happening at that moment in the match, and how the two teams are acting. An example: if the favorite team is losing, it is very likely that it will come up, in which case the occurrence of corners increases a lot. If the game is coming to an end and one of the teams needs that saving goal, either to qualify or to win the duel, the chance of an aerial ball and consequently a streak of corners is almost certain. There are millions of alternations in a game, we've just given two very common examples of them occurring.
If you want to bet on the over/under or handicap market, it is important to have the data and characteristics of the teams, because in all championships, regardless of which, there are teams that have the characteristics of exploiting the aerial ball a lot, crossing plays, depth plays , etc. With the competition in progress, you'll have all the statistics available to study the clubs, see the corner kick averages, where and how they were taken, whether at home or away, against stronger or weaker teams, with teams that play more open or closed.
Having this information, the bettor feels safer to make a betting evaluation, as many teams stick to their style during a tournament. We know very well that a certain team likes to play aggressively at home, or that team likes center forwards, or, like the opponent, is weak and pushes away many balls to corner under pressure. There is no formula or secret, but studying the feeling of the game and being knowledgeable about the characteristics of the teams will yield great results in this market. Good luck!

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