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CBLoL: paiN Gaming is penalized for player toxicity

CBLoL: paiN Gaming is penalized for player toxicity
paiN Gaming organization was fined for the toxicity of one of its players.
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This past Wednesday, it was reported that paiN Gaming had received a fine for player toxicity. According to information, the developer Riot Games fined the team in the amount of $ 1.000 (R$ 5.000) due to inappropriate conduct by the player Luci. Within its announcement, the developer revealed that on Tuesday it had received reports that Luci was having inappropriate conduct during his matches.

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In the reports received, Riot Games revealed that Luci was being toxic with the other players on the server. Therefore, the developer stated that the player's conduct was considered serious and violates the League of Legends Season 2021 Regulation: "This type of conduct is considered serious and violates both the Season 2021 Regulation and the League Code of Conduct of Legends".

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According to the developer, player Luci violated the "Offenses and Hate Speech" rule, in which "a team member may not use obscene, foul, vulgar language, insults, threats, abuse, slander, defamation or possess be in any way offensive or reprehensible, nor promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct".
It is worth mentioning the case of the South Korean player, Yuri, who had also broken Riot Games rules last month and was penalized for "Offenses and Hate Speech". In the case of Yuri, the player was suspended from a CBLoL match and a fine of around $1,000.
However, Riot Games explained the difference between the cases: "It is important to clarify that the penalties are applied in a particular way, after a rigorous evaluation of attitudes, terms and behavior registered in matches. The cases are analyzed individually and, if compared to situations in which other penalties were applied, it is noteworthy that, although they are framed in the same article of the regulation, each treatment has its own specificities".
Luci went public on his personal Twitter and revealed that: "Before being a pro player, I am also a person like all of you. In the situation that occurred, anyone would fight. I will accept all responsibility for the result, but I don't regret it or feel that I have to apologize to them. In unfair situations, I will fight everything."
paiN Gaming organization is listed to open the eleventh round of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship. Next Saturday, the team has an appointment with the Vorax organization.
The Brazilian League of Legends Championship published the following on the subject, check out the full note:
"Player: Chang-hoon "Luci" Han
Organization: paiN Gaming
Subject: Serious Misconduct
Penalty: Fine of BRL 5,000.00
On 7/6/2021, Season Officials received a report that player Chang-hoon "Luci" Han, from paiN Gaming team, had behaved toxically and inappropriately in some of his matches on the LIVE server.
We expect team members to maintain a cordial and respectful behavior both in and out of the game, and we cannot tolerate offensive language of any kind. Such conduct is considered serious and violates both the 2021 Season Regulations and the League of Legends Code of Conduct.
Relevant rules:
‘10.1.2 Offenses and Hate Speech
A team member may not use obscene, foul, vulgar, insults, threats,
abuse, slander, defamation or behaving in any offensive or reprehensible manner, nor
promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct. [...]’
The player Luci violated item 10.1.2 of the 2021 Season regulations and will be subject to the penalties provided for in the CBLOL 2021 Penalty Table.
Fine of BRL 5,000.00 (five thousand reais) applied to paiN Gaming

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