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Understand arbitrage in betting

Understand arbitrage in betting
See what arbitrage means and how it applies to betting.
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No, it is not the man with the whistle and his rules we are talking about. Arbitrage in betting is a way to get risk-free returns, a gambler's dream. Many bettors seek to adopt this technique, generating profits without the chance of making losses. Just find possibilities in bookmakers and apply them correctly, and your winnings will be sure.

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For this, it is necessary to find different odds for the same event, in at least two bookmakers, placing a proportional bet of these odds. It is important in this case to know how to calculate the profit margins that are included in this bet, so that you have the exact dimension of how much to bet on each player or team, and how much will be your return.

Let's go to the practical example, in a tennis game:
House 1 (to win): Player A – 1.30 and Player B – 3.93
House 2
(to win): Player A – 1.42 and Player B – 2.90

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To calculate the profit margin of this event at the bookmaker where you have your funds, just divide 1 by the offered odds and add up the results, multiplying by 100 then.
Example of house 1:
(1/1.30 + 1/3.93) x 100 = 102.37%
The profit margin is 2.37%
Now, to see if you can find a winning margin let's take the higher value odds for Player A to win in one bookmaker, and Player B to win the other in question.
(1/1.42 + 1/3.93) x 100 = 95.86%
You will have a profit margin of 4.14% in this case, regardless of the value or who is the winner of the match, so we mentioned at the beginning of the article that this is a risk-free bet, as long as you find possibilities along the lines of a specific market that move in the same event, but in different houses. Remembering that after this it is necessary to know how much value to bet at each bookmaker, but for that there are online arbitrage calculators, which divide the total amount bet, giving the correct amount.
In the example above, if we were to use a calculator to help, and our intention is to distribute $100 in this event, it would look like this:
House 1: Bet $73.45 on the 1.42 odd, with a total return of $104.30
House 2: Bet $26.53 on the odd 3.93, with a total return of $104.29
That is, through this market analysis, you will be able to profit, regardless of the winner of the match.
Obviously, it is not always easy to find these odds, given the high level of information that betting companies have about an event, managing to have a more precise dimension of the value of the odds. If you have a good ability to read this method, your gains can be significant in the long run. One of the best times for this is when prices are still in the early stages of the market, without having been adjusted. As money is being injected by bettors in a given event, the bookmaker will naturally adjust its odds.
Some describe this method by comparing value bets. In this case, they claim that arbitrage is nothing more than an exposure where bookmakers made an incorrect assessment of the market, with the value in this specific operation betting on the “wrong” odds they offered. Although in theory it seems advantageous, the time needed to search for these loopholes is often costly, and with great efforts involved. Also, it should be kept in mind that it is necessary to have considerable funds in some bookmakers, so that it is possible to apply them according to the commandments, thus being able to have a considerable return of profit.

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