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LoL: Gambit Esports disconnects from the League of Legends scenario

LoL: Gambit Esports disconnects from the League of Legends scenario
Gambit Esports has confirmed its departure from the League of Legends scene.
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Last Friday, the Gambit Esports organization confirmed its departure from the competitive scenario of League of Legends. Having made history within League of Legends competitions, the Russian organization was once home to legends like Alex Inch and Edward. Both players became icons when the organization was still called Moscow Five.

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Although Gambit Esports has not reported the reasons for ending its operations in League of Legends, the organization has published a letter on its official Twitter. According to the note, Gambit said that "unfortunately, this exciting journey has come to an end". Gambit Esports CEO Konstantin Pikiner was responsible for going public and clarifying these details: "Today we close our operation in League of Legends. We thank the guys for the victories under our flags and wish them success in the future."

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In a note, the CEO begins by saying that: "With a heavy heart we announce that our League of Legends division ceases to operate. Over 8 years we won three Intel Extreme Masters championships and earned three Continental League titles."
The CEO affirms that the attitude taken was difficult and emphasizes that Gambit Esports has a concrete history in the scenario of League of Legends. The beginning of the organization had been given by the formation of a team for the League of Legends.
"Making this decision was really difficult, since our organization’s history began with a League of Legends squad. I want to not only thank Gambit Hall of Fame members Darien, Alex_Ich, Genja, Edward and Diamondprox but also all of the other players, coaches, analysts and managers, who represented us at international, European and regional arenas."
The CEO took the opportunity to thank developer Riot Games for having had a satisfactory partnership with the organization over the years. Above all, the CEO thanks the fans and regrets the end of the journey: "I would also like to thank Riot Games for a fruitful partnership that has spanned for eight years and got transferred to Valorant. More than anything else I would like to thank our wonderful fans from all over the world. Unfortunately, this exciting journey has come to an end, but we are grateful that you have walked this path together with us."


While still acting by the name of Moscow Five, the organization managed to be successful and represent Europe in the 2012 League of Legends World Cup. At the time, the team managed to reach the semifinals of the competition. At the time, the Moscow Five squad was made up of Darien, Diamondprox, Alex Inch, Genja and Gosu Pepper. After that, Moscow Five players revolutionized the League of Legends competition sector, creating different and non-standard builds used at the time. Basically, Moscow Five was responsible for breaking the "goals" paradigm in LoL.
For the next three years the players continued to represent the team, which had already become Gambit Gaming. During this period, the Russians had already taken three IEM titles home. In 2014, the player Alex Inch ended up leaving the organization and the other teammates ended up choosing to stay in the reserve of the squad.
In 2016, the organization opted to sell its place in the EU LCS (which became LEC) to Team Vitality. After that, the organization again chose to change its name and become Gambit Esports, serving in the LCL league, League of Commonwealth of Independent States. After this change, Gambit also won three titles within the LCL league. However, the organization will be closed only in League of Legends. In CS: GO, Valorant, Apex Legends, Fortnite and DOTA 2, things will continue the same way.

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