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Badminton athletes punished for manipulating results

Badminton athletes punished for manipulating results

Federation banned three athletes for manipulating Badminton results.

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The World Badminton Federation (WBF) took drastic action this week. The organization forever banned three athletes from Indonesia, accused of manipulating results, as well as being involved in the manipulation of games and betting. Athletes who have suffered punishment still have a chance to reverse the case by filing an appeal with the Sports Arbitral Tribunal.

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WBF had already been investigating eight players suspected of being involved in fraud, but made the decision after 1 year of carefully analyzing the case. The athletes have been suspended since January 2020, but the verdict of the case has only been given. Of the total number of players suspected of fraud, three were officially confirmed, being removed from all activities related to the sport.

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In addition, the other five athletes did not go unpunished. As much as they have not been banned from the sport forever, they have suffered severe punishments. One of the athletes in question took a punishment that will last between 6 to 12 years. The mildest penalties were fines of $ 12,000. In addition to the eight Indonesian players, an athlete with Malaysian nationality was suspended indefinitely from participating in any badminton activity, after being closely investigated by the Federation Integration Unit.
The organization received complaints about the corrupt behavior of people and athletes involved in the sport, such as combining the results of a match or manipulating certain times of the game. The federation regulation opens a gap for athletes to appeal to review the case. All defendants may appeal, within 21 days, to the Sports Arbitration Court.
Recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the World Badminton Federation organizes the sport and all related events that take place across the planet. The organization currently has 176 members.
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