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Sweden imposes new limitations on sports betting

Sweden imposes new limitations on sports betting

Swedish regulator explained how the new limitations will be in the country.

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Wednesday, December 9 2020

Spelinspektionen, which regulates games in Sweden, explained how the new sports betting limitations will be like within Swedish territory. The agency has a very strict position on what is allowed, eliminating companies that do not comply or do not conform to the country's rules.

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Spelinspektionen sought to clarify in which markets the restricted extensions were reached, so that licensed operators can start executing on the first day of the year 2021.
Among the limitations is the prohibition on placing bets in divisions below the equivalent of the country's fourth division. But the most impactful were the changes in rules and permissions for betting on athletes under the age of 18.

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For team sports, it is forbidden to bet on some individual performance markets for an athlete, such as whether the player will score a goal or take advantage of kicks at the opposing goal, if that athlete has not yet reached the age of majority.
Regarding to individual sports, some limitations will also be imposed on the athlete's performance in that match or competition, in sports such as athletics and tennis.
However, there are some exceptions if the match is a double game. If one of the players is over 18 and the other is under 18, the evaluation will only be allowed for the overall result of the team, or in the last case, an individual evaluation exclusive for the athlete of legal age.
The operators questioned some doubts that arose as they interpreted the new changes. One of them was in relation to the collection of penalties and fouls, which naturally end up resulting in an individual assessment of the athlete's performance in that specific market. The agency clarified that betting on scoring on these markets is also included in the prohibitions.
Remembering that these rules will be for games and competitions within the territory of the country. If the individual event is held outside Sweden, the laws will not apply. In that case, electronic sports are also included. Only competitions within the country will be applying these standards to electronic sports players.
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