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Spanish tennis player suspended for manipulating results

Spanish tennis player suspended for manipulating results

After investigation, tennis player Enrique Perez is suspended for manipulating results.

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Friday, December 4 2020

Spanish tennis player Enrique Lopez Perez was suspended after discovering his involvement in the manipulation of match results in 2017. The investigation was carried out by the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU), which found that Perez was involved in the manipulation in three moments, with two others denunciations against the tennis player were not proven.

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After being found guilty, Enrique Perez suffered a heavy penalty of eight years without being able to officially play tennis tournaments. In addition, the athlete suffered financial loss, received a fine of approximately 17 thousand dollars.
The official who led the case, Richard Mclaren, confirmed that Perez violated the rules of the TACP (Tennis Anticorruption Program), in three different moments, in tournaments that took place in the year 2017. The tennis player could still have suffered a tougher penalty, but were unable to confirm his connection with the other investigated cases.

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The punishment starts to be officially valid from the 1st of December 2020, however the tennis player has already been banned from playing, due to the fact that he received a provisional suspension, which had already lasted 11 months.
The article in which Enrique Perez was framed states that “no one should, invent or try to invent the result or any other aspect of an event”.
The Tennis Integrity Unit, through its authorities, has been deepening investigations into cases of manipulation, considerably increasing its attention in this area. It was not just the Spanish tennis player who received punishment for irregularities.
Professional tennis player Aleksandrina Naydenova, of Bulgarian nationality, received a much heavier punishment compared to Perez. After being found to have been involved in twelve irregularities, Naydenova was banned from playing professional tournaments for the rest of her life.
In October of this year, other tennis players were punished for manipulating results. These are Karen Khachatryan and Yuri Khachatryan, also Bulgarians, with Karen having been punished for the rest of her life, and Yuri receiving a lighter, but also impressive, ten-year sentence.
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