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Google to launch tool against gambling and sports betting ads

Google to launch tool against gambling and sports betting ads

Google's feature is intended to restrict advertisements for games and sports betting.

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Monday, December 14 2020

Scheduled for launch early next year, Google will include a new feature in its settings. It is a tool that will give users the option of reducing ads from companies linked to the world of gambling and sports betting.

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This decision was made after the technology company received feedback from its users who say they prefer to limit ads to some types of segments. Advertisements related to the game, in addition to sports betting, are included in this list, which also includes advertisements related to alcoholic beverages.
Unlike another Google tool called “mute this ad”, where the user can choose not to see a particular advertisement, this new feature will block ads in a certain category. However, the user will have the option to go back if they want to release blocked ads from a specific segment.

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Google says that this tool will be useful mainly for people who tend to have a certain vulnerability or problems with sports betting and games. In addition, they provide an additional option for parents or guardians to block content that may be considered not ideal for minors to have access to.
In an official note, the technology giant stressed: "this is another option that we give in the hands of users, allowing them to further control access to our products". The note follows: “We will continue to improve our controls, and the same will happen with this feature that we are launching to personalize ads, so that we can meet the expectations of people with new experiences.
However, this feature will not be released to all users at once. First it will be launched in the United States, and then it will be launched globally on Youtube and Google Ads.
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