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Betway promotes campaign aimed at responsible gambling

Betway promotes campaign aimed at responsible gambling

Betway launches actions to promote the Responsible Gambling Week.

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Friday, December 4 2020

The Betway Group operates in numerous countries and regulated markets worldwide, in the field of online gambling. Now, the bookmaker is promoting actions to publicize a campaign with its customers and the general public. The campaign, idealized as Responsibe Gambling Week, aims to raise awareness among customers to bet more safely throughout the year.

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Along with its partners, Betway leads this campaign, with the idea of ​​having a dialogue between the public and company employees, debating on practices in the way of playing, launching advice, sources of support and safer ways to bet.
One of the ways to promote the campaign was by using one of the Sunday League matches of the Premier League last weekend, through the visibility of West Ham, one of the teams sponsored by the company. The players used the campaign mark during the match's warm-up.
To reach even more the public and consumers, Betway made a point of putting messages on the team's website and advertisements in applications. In addition, the brand put its campaign on horse racing, sponsoring some races.

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Focused on publicizing the actions being promoted, the gaming industry, through its head of communication and public relations, also used tools such as podcasts, to spread the campaign. Alan Alger participated in the well-known Football Ramble, besides podcasts, he also has books and websites.
Anthony Werkman, the company's CEO, gave more details, saying: “We are committed to ensuring the industry, and the consumers are at the heart of the conversation. As an annual contributor we have been delighted to support the Safer Gambling Week campaign over the last few days.”
Betway is one of the most consolidated houses on the market, and in addition to promoting Responsible Gambling Week, it has a partnership with the Federation of Professional Players, with the aim of protecting and promoting the interests of UK sports professionals.

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