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PokerStars arrives to the eSports market in Brazil

PokerStars arrives to the eSports market in Brazil
As a Furia sponsor, PokerStars arrives to the eSports market in Brazil.
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Friday, November 6 2020

The largest online poker site in the world, PokerStars hits the eSports market in Brazil and will be the new sponsor of Furia. After great prominence and success in CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), Furia wants to expand and Poker is the theme of the moment.

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One of the main objectives surrounding this partnership is to offer differentiated and unique entertainment and content opportunities for the poker and eSports communities.
Poker is part of Furia's DNA. It all comes down to making the best decisions at the moment, aiming for long-term results. This partnership is a natural step in our expansion when we seek movements beyond the universe of eSports”- said Furia's CEO and PokerStars ambassador, André Akkari.
PokerStar's Public Relations Director also commented on: “Furia team works hard, sets an example and is always looking to improve and evolve. This vision and the entire culture of the organization fit perfectly with what we are looking for at PokerStars. It will be very interesting for us to see what we can bring to our community and also how we can connect with new audiences working together with this team so passionate about what they do.” said Rebecca McAdam Willets.
Numerous news will be released in the coming months, and in most of them, you win! Stay tuned because the partnership promises to bring many surprises for those who like poker. And you will find out about it soon here on the blog!” - communicated to PokerStars, after disclosing this new partnership.
With André Akkari, Lali Tournier and Rafa Moraes as commanders, PokerStars and Furia will launch a new team of poker streamers.
With a huge presence in major online poker series worldwide, Lali is one of the leading professional players in Latin America. Rafa Moraes, on the other hand, is one of the main names of Brazilian poker in activity, always playing at a high level for the most expensive and main poker tournaments in the world.
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