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LoL: DAMWON Gaming was the League of Legends Worlds 2020 Champion

LoL: DAMWON Gaming was the League of Legends Worlds 2020 Champion
DANWON Gaming team was champion of the League of Legends Worlds 2020 after defeating Suning Gaming; check the details.
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Wednesday, November 4 2020

This past Saturday, October 31, DAMWON Gaming was champion of the League of Legends World 2020 after defeating Suning Gaming in the grand final of the championship. With over 3.8 million viewers, the Korean team lifted the Worlds 2020 cup.

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Both the DAMWON team and Suning performed very well during the championship. The Koreans have had eight wins and only one defeat in their clashes. The Chinese Suning had six victories and three casualties in their disputes.

Check out how the grand final went

In the first game, the Chinese Suning got the first advantage of the game by shooting down the jungler "soFm". However, DAMWON was not intimidated by the aggressive method of its rivals and guaranteed the two elemental dragons of the game. Meanwhile, Suning, which was losing in the objective achievements, managed to bring down the first tower of the game. With a certain confidence, Suning got into a teamfight with the Koreans and ended up being completely obliterated. With this error from Suning, DAMWON ran into the dragon's lair and managed to conquer the fourth dragon in the game. Soon after, with the Soul of the Elder Dragon, the Koreans went up and managed to close the first game by obliterating Suning Gaming.
In the second game, the scenario was more exciting. Both teams played very aggressively. Both Suning and DAMWON had dragon achievements in the game. The Chinese opened up a big advantage by winning the first Baron of the game, and prevented the Koreans from moving forward. With this, DAMWON decided to play safer, while the Chinese conquered the Soul of the Wind Dragon and ran to guarantee the destruction of the Nexus. In this way, Suning guaranteed a 1-1 draw with the Koreans.
In the third game we had a dominant early game by DAMWON Gaming, which guaranteed the first blood and two first elemental dragons. However, all this advantage did not cause Suning to be intimidated, because in all the fights the Chinese managed to show a certain superiority and make DAMWON doubt what they were doing. Soon after, Suning won the Elder Dragon and did not know how to use this advantage. DAMWON, which already guaranteed the Baron's achievement, rushed to destroy the rival Nexus and secure a 2-1 tiebreaker.
In the fourth game we had a concentrated and decisive DAMWON. Here the Koreans made an extremely aggressive earlygame and scored 4 kills and an Earth Dragon. DAMWON Gaming continued to put pressure on the Chinese until halfway through the game, having one more dragon soul and twice as many kills as Suning. For some reason, the Chinese chose to play on the defensive during a good part of the confrontation, and this was the team's biggest mistake. Meanwhile, the Koreans secured the first Baron and opened up the domination of the bot lane over the Chinese. In order to score more kills, DAMWON ran to destroy the Nexus and close the game. Soon, DAMWON managed to achieve all the goals it wanted and secured the score of 3x1.
In this way, DAMWON Gaming was champion of the League of Legends World 2020. It is worth mentioning that this was the first title that DAMWON won within League of Legends Worlds.
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