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Everything about leveling up faster in Fortnite

Everything about leveling up faster in Fortnite
Here you'll find everything about how to level up fast in Fortnite.
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Tuesday, November 17 2020

As in many games, leveling up is essential for further evolution within the game and obtaining new rewards, and Fortnite is no different. That way, learn all about how to quickly raise your level in Fortnite, which will certainly give you an advantage over your opponents.
In season 4 of chapter 2 of the game, it is even more difficult to obtain experience points, even if the update time is longer. So, taking on different challenges, buying Battle Passes, and playing more with your friends, are some of the ways to level up quickly within Epic Games' battle royale.
One of the important factors is to understand the game experience system. The system records the number of all seasons played in the account, as well as the level of the account and the number of Battle Passes. The passes are based on each new season, and show the evolution of the Battle Pass levels. Thus, players who do not have the item pack are unable to reach level 100, being unlimited for those who wish to obtain. 
However, there are several ways to score points and raise levels within the game, such as the Battle Pass category levels. Doing several kills, being well placed in matches, and staying as much as possible alive in the game, are some of those ways.

Quick and weekly missions

One of the best ways to level up quickly in Fortnite is to complete the weekly and quick challenges. They are updated daily and add up to a small amount of experience points, adding up to 50,000 XP if the player is unable to complete within 24 hours. However, the tasks are practical and easy to complete, without complexity. 
In weekly challenges, the values alternate between 25 and 50 thousand XP for each challenge completed. They are available to players every Thursday, with a slightly higher degree of difficulty.

The importance of punch cards

There are 55 punch cards, which contain progressive challenges that do not have daily updates, being more difficult as the player progresses. Generally, the punch cards have more than three marks each, with approximately 15 XP for each mark, a higher number when compared to the old Battle Medals system. An example is that whoever has the Battle Pass will receive more experience points than they would normally receive.

The importance of XP coins

As the weekly challenge update shows, XP coins are always updated, and they appear in ten units, at different points on the map, as if they were treasures. Thus, to purchase these coins just go to their location and get in touch. 
There are four types of rarities generally available, with different quantities. Green and blue have a total of 5,000 and 6,500 experience points, purple contains an explosion of small coins of smaller experience values, totaling 10,300 XP points, and golden ones generate 15,000 experience points.

The importance of Battle Passes

With a value of 950 V-bucks, Battle Passes provide a wide range of rewards to those who own it, with prominence in various costumes of Marvel characters. In addition, in each step advanced by the player in the item pack, he gets a personal XP boost for himself and his teammates. In this way, Battle Passes are extremely important if the player wants to quickly raise their levels within Fortnite.

The importance of survival

The game has a system of rewards that covers the survival time in the matches from the appearance of the first storm circle. That way, choose to survive, survive as long as you can in each match, and thus ensure good experience points.

The importance of playing with your friends

Try to play with your friends as much as possible, having the Battle Pass acquired, mainly. In addition, if they have the item package, the EXP multiplication will increase even more. For this reason, playing in squads of three or four players will guarantee you more bonuses in the matches, and consequently will help you level up faster within Fortnite.
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