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Brazil moves forward with debate on game regulation

Brazil moves forward with debate on game regulation

Regulation of games, from a legal point of view, has a debate in Brazil.

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Thursday, November 19 2020

Luiz Maia, one of the most renowned lawyers in the country from the legal point of view of games, participated in a live this week and listed interesting points about the regulation of games in Brazil. Besides him, Fernando Xavier, CEO of Future Law, also participated in the chat.

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For Maia, the country is advancing positively towards the regulation of games, citing areas of eSports, casinos and lotteries. The lawyer pointed mainly to the eSports market, highlighting the development that occurred in recent years in the country, after the emergence of platforms and software, highlighting that the use can be not only recreational, but also professional.
Xavier added, stating: “Today Brazil is among the three largest eSports markets in the world, and there are several issues to be debated regarding the legal point of this segment. There are a multitude of activities in this market that generate great impact and need to be better understood legally. ”
For Xavier, now a days there is already a major impact on the economy, and from now on it will be common, due to the growth potential, eSports teams need legal advice. The CEO adds that lawyers will have to be prepared for the professionalization that is being designed in this segment. He also adds that this demand will be in several areas, such as sports law, tax, corporate and image rights.

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Following the path that Brazil currently has growth potential, in addition to China and Russia, Maia explained that: “The approval of games in these countries will be very difficult due to geopolitical issues, but Brazil is taking positive steps towards the regulation of the activity. We have been ready for a long time, and in 2018 we approved sports betting, lacking only the regulations that are in charge of the Ministry of Economy and BNDS.
Another important point in Maia's speech was when the lawyer stated: “Today more than 60% of football clubs are sponsored by sports betting companies. Brazil needs to regulate to collect taxes on this activity, as it is a giant market. ”
Regarding the regulation of casinos in the country, Maia said that the federal government again looked favorably on the possibility, due to the need to generate resources and expand tourism. In addition, he gave his opinion on the matter, stating that he favors the legalization of all types of games, not just casinos: "The ban is not effective for Brazil, they already exist illegally, generating money from games without rules."
Finally, regarding lotteries, Maia explained that today the states can already explore this activity, since the STF ended the monopoly that was in the hands of the Union for the operation of lotteries. He believes that this will have an impact on the growth of the segment across the country, including including states having control over sports betting.
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