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Sportradar helps in match fixing case

Sportradar helps in match fixing case
Along with Paulista Football Federation, Sportradar helps in the result manipulation case in Paulista A3 tournament.
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Friday, October 23 2020

On September 18, Barretos was defeated by the Linense team by a 4x0 score, and in Sportradar's evaluation some transactions in bookmakers were suspect, to say the least. Thus, Sportradar helps in the case of match-fixing, together with the Paulista Football Federation (FPF). Sportradar is responsible for monitoring the events of the state matches.

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The goals scored by Linense were two goals from penalties and one goal in extra time. Thus, according to the company responsible for monitoring, in a report made, bettors were already waiting for it. The Sportradar report helped on the preventive punishment for Barreto and five players for suspected match-fixing.

In addition, this report was sent to the Police Department for the Suppression of Crimes of Sports Intolerance (Drade), which showed a high flow of bets after the initial whistle of the said match, which goes against the odds of the start of the match.

"The betting patterns contrasted with the logical expectations and there was no legitimate explanation for them based on the events taking place on the playing field." - is what the Sportradar report says. "In this way, it is only possible to conclude that bettors had prior knowledge that Barretos would lose by at least four goals."


According to the Sportradar document, the TJD-SP (Sports Court of Justice) preventively punished goalkeeper Pedro, strikers Fabrício and Derik (the two who made the penalties) and defenders Roberth (who scored the goal against) and Edson Rock.

In this game, Edson Rocha would not have direct participation in the goals, but he is suspected of having played in two games in 2017 for União Barbarense, with suspicions of manipulation of results involving the bets. In addition, the Civil Police is investigating possible violations of the Fan's Statute, due to crimes of fraud and criminal association.

Another match that is being analyzed is the victory of Olímpia against Paulista, by the score of 3x2. Thus, Barretos, Olímpia and Paulista are away until November 8 and will not be able to register players in new championships until the TJD-SP trial occurs. However, there are no dates for this to occur.

President of Barretos

Julio Eduardo Addad, president of Barretos, complained about the stance of the FPF and TJD-SP in the unfolding of the manipulation case. “The game was at 5pm. We had a gas leak problem in the accommodation and it was not possible to give lunch to the cast at the time. We had to order marmitex and they only had lunch at 2:30 pm. It is very short notice ”- said Addad.

The president even complained about the penalties scored against his team. “In the fourth goal, our player did not head into the goal. The ball hit his face. He told me that he got in the way of lighting, and it's not the first complaint we have about it. But [FPF and TJD] only selected a few bids. Our goalkeeper, for example, was the best on the pitch. The goal was closed. ”

The president of TJD-SP also spoke about the case, according to him, he is just following the protocol procedure. “He [Addad] can believe what he wants. It's a criminal investigation now. It's with the police. If they find nothing, the matter died. He can complain all he wants. [The inquiry request] came to me, I confirmed it. I will not judge anyone ”.


Spotradar is a multinational company headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland, responsible for collecting and analyzing sports data. In addition, the company also works for bookmakers, national and international sports federations, as well as a media company in more than 80 countries.

Sportradar is internationally renowned and has several partners in Brazil, a country that does not yet have concrete regulations for sports betting.

With the lack of laws and strict security monitoring, it is easier for errors and cheats to occur in this scenario. For this reason, Sportradar is fundamental for the maintenance and sports integrity of any division or modality.
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