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FaZ Clan is the champion of IEM New York 2020 Europe

FaZ Clan is the champion of IEM New York 2020 Europe
FaZe Clan team was the champion of IEM New York 2020 Europe; check here the details.
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Thursday, October 15 2020

"Coldzera" and his colleagues from the FaZe Clan team were the IEM New York 2020 European Champions after obliterating OG in the decisive match for the title. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive championship of the IEM New York 2020 Europe, which began on October 6, saw eight teams compete for the title. FaZe Clan had to face BIG, Complexity Gaming, Fnatic, G2 Esports, Team Vitality, Heroic and OG to secure the title of champion of the 2020 edition of the IEM New York. This was the first championship that the FaZe Clan managed to win this year after a series of dubious games.

The decisive match against the OG team resulted in a 3-0 score. The first map played was "Mirage", the second "Inferno", and the third "Dust 2".

The first map played, "Mirage", was a balanced match between the two teams, with even extra time, which ended with the rounds in 22x20. But in the end, with FaZe Clan dominating.

Meanwhile, on the second map, "Inferno", the OG team decided to play for real. They managed to dominate a good part of the game, and FaZe Clan saw their rivals pick up two rounds in a row. However, the OG club could not maintain the frequency they had started, and ended up being completely decimated by the 16x5 score.

On the third and final map, we had the final in "Dust 2". Here we had another balanced game in the beginning, but soon FaZe Clan took the reins again and hit the final score with 16x11.

After securing victory on all three maps, FaZe Clan won the title of IEM New York 2020 Europe champion, plus $70,000. Meanwhile, second place went to OG, with $30,000.

IEM New York 2020 Europe Standings and their Awards

1st place: FaZe Clan | US$ 70,000
2nd place: OG | US$ 30,000
3rd/4th place: Vitality | US$ 12,000
3rd/4th place: Fnatic | US$ 12,000
5th/6th place: Complexity | US$ 5,000
5th/6th place: BIG | US$ 5,000
7th/8th place: G2 | US$ 3,000
7th/8th place: Heroic | $3,000
After this victory against the OG team, FaZe Clan already follows their matches with three consecutive wins. Perhaps this IEM New York 2020 Europe competition has reawakened the great team that the organization used to be in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions.
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