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Casinos closed in Italy

Casinos closed in Italy
Countries in Europe in emergency state and casinos in Italy are closed; check here the details.
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Thursday, October 29 2020

In this last week, the spread of COVID-19 has increased exponentially in Europe and, with this, casinos were closed in Italy. After a period of clearances for various activities in the region, the Italian government opted to close game rooms, cinemas, theaters, swimming pools and gyms as a measure to prevent a new wave of COVID-19 contamination in the country.

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According to information, the new Italian government decree is expected to start to take effect on November 24. The decree determines a series of restrictions with the purpose of reducing the curve of contaminated by COVID-19 again.
Casinos, cultural centers, amusement parks and concert halls are included in the establishments that are to be closed. Giuseppe Conte's concern is that the country may enter a new health collapse, as it did during March, April and May. Although Europe has managed to remain healthy in the last months, in Italy there are still 12,415 patients hospitalized due to COVID-19.
Meanwhile, in Spain, the government created a decree to prevent contagion from COVID-19. The decree in question will have a curfew from 11pm to 6am, following the same measures as France, which already registers 52.000 recent cases of COVID-19.
The current president of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, declared that the country is in a state of emergency, saying that: “The situation in which we live is extreme, the cost in lives must be as low as possible, but we also have to protect our economy".
The probability of a second wave of COVID-19 in Europe could impact the gaming industry in Latin America. Although cases have increased in Europe, Italy, France and Spain have acted quickly to control the situation through the necessary restrictive measures. The objective of the countries is that everything is controlled without having to have a new "lockdown", which occurred during the months of March and April.
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