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PokerStars will leave China, Macau and Taiwan

PokerStars will leave China, Macau and Taiwan
Following compliance standards in the Asian market, PokerStars will leave China, Macau and Taiwan; understand the situation.
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Saturday, September 5 2020

The largest virtual poker company, PokerStars, will leave China, Macau and Taiwan. The repercussion came after a user of a forum focused on poker took a print of the message of Stars Support, which told its customers that "from September 1st we will be leaving China, Taiwan and Macau". After that, the parent company of PokerStars announced that was planning to disconnect from the market that was outside its standards of compliance, in this case: China, Macau and Taiwan.

In conjunction with this, the company reported that it was making several bank changes "to facilitate the withdrawals of players" with low amounts for transfer to professionals in this area. In addition, PokerStars had made withdrawal by Skrill and NETELLER available to users in Taiwan. However, the three regions do not consider real money poker to be legal. However, China is in a big fight against "illegal cross-border gambling".

Flutter Entertainment had reported that it would apply strict control over The Stars Group (TSG), where PokerStars is one of the group's giants. The company in question said that "a small number of TSG jurisdictions that Flutter had previously determined would not operate in, and in such cases, we now disconnect from those markets."

In addition, Flutter confirmed that it would increase "the quality of TSG's safer gambling/anti-money laundering procedures." With this, PokerStars' departure from the Asian market, Flutter reported that the company would have a cost of £ 65 million/year to withdraw. Costs that the company is willing to pay.

As a result, PokerStars' withdrawal from Asia is due to Flutter's plans to expand further into the United States, where playing real money virtual poker is legal. In addition, Flutter's properties are gradually evolving in the American market, such as FanDuel and FOX BET.

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