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LoL: End of Bo3 in rankeds

LoL: End of Bo3 in rankeds
Riot Games announces the end of Bo3 in ranked matches; check here the details.
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Tuesday, September 22 2020

In this last week, the company Riot Games announced through an official company blog, that the end of Bo3 in rankeds is near. According to the announcement, the League of Legends ranked queues will go through some changes and the next pre-season won’t have Bo3 when ranking up to another sub-division. This way, players won’t have to go through the Best of 3 to have their promotions. However, it’s worth to mention that Bo5 will remain for the players to reach new Elos.

“Inter-division promotion games were initially implemented to provide compelling goals for players to tackle between tiers. At best, they were a source of relief when you won and, at worst a source of major frustration when you were bounced out for the fifth time in a row. We wanted to revisit the original decision and solve for unnecessary frustration and climbing blocks between solo and flex queues divisions. As such, at the start of preseason, we’ll be removing the inter-division promotion series in both queues and making the following changes to avoid ranked inflation and rapid rubberbanding.”

This way, according to the announcement, the player that increases his elo, will carry on with his League Points (LP) to the next sub-division. However, this will also remove the rank down protection from players with 0 points.

“As this change is directly targeted at making the experience better for players at the divisional level, it will not extend to tier promotions (Silver to Gold, Gold to Platinum, etc.). We still believe that between tier promotion series are an important part of keeping the progression between tiers a meaningful and challenging endeavor.“

Another big announcement is the end of “duos” in the elo Master+ tier and above. “We believe that these changes will improve overall match quality at the top of the ladder through less variance between team skill, reduction in autofill and secondary role positioning, and faster match times.”

Besides that, Riot Games will unlock the Apex tier in this new ranked season, about that they stated: “This will allow for players to fight against each other for those first spots and only promote into the tier when they hit our Apex minimum LP requirement.”

Apex tier values:

  • Unlocked immediately; Master
  • 200 LP for Grand Master
  • 500 LP for Challenger

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