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How to bet on Counter-Strike

How to bet on Counter-Strike
Check here how to bet on Counter-Strike
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Thursday, September 3 2020

In the eSports world, the game Counter-Strike is one of the biggest names in the sports betting market. Going through several phases, from CS 1.6 to the current days in CS:GO (Global Offensive), Counter-Strike has always had many admirers and gamblers. So today we will talk about betting on Counter-Strike but, first of all, you need to know how the game works.

So, how does the game works

Inside the game there is several maps with two sides. On one side we have the Terrorists (T’s) and on the other we have the Counter-Terrorists (CT’s).Besides that, there are several game modes (objectives): arms race, demolition, casual and the most famous one we see on sports betting, competitive mode.

On competitive mode, terrorist have a goal, arm the bomb (C4). Meanwhile, counter-terrorists need to disarm the same bomb. The team that reaches the 16th round, wins the match. In some cases, the match can end 15-15, which means it’s a draw.

Each game strategy is important to win. There are maps where the terrorist have the advantage and other maps where counter terrorists dominate easily. This will all depend on how the teams are prepared for each map and what positions they take to defend or attack.

Knowing this, let’s move on to the next step.

Choose your bookmaker

Here on Betting Academy we have the best bookmakers in your country and most of them offer betting services for CS:GO.


On the Moneyline sector you bet on the team you think it’s going to win.


On the Rounds/Maps area we can bet in which team will win the first or the second map of the match.


On Frags we can bet on how many kills a team will have on specified number of rounds.

First death

Here on “First death” we can bet which team will have the first frag of the match.


In “Bombs”, we can bet on the total of disarmed bombs or total of planted bombs.

After you know these important details, we proceed in giving you some tips.

Bet on maps or rounds

Betting on maps or rounds can be a great help for the ones who are starting now. Notice on which team is better prepared to win a round or a map and bet on it.

Follow the games

For you to have a wider notion of the scenario, it is always good that you follow the games that are happening and the news about the game.

Follow CS:GO players

There are plenty CS:GO professionals that live stream their games  and that can help you to better understand how the game works and how a professional in the area thinks.

Never bet on your favourite team

We all have a favourite game, right? So, it’s very important that you don’t let that influence your choices. First analyze how the team is standing for future games, if you think it’s worth it, go for it.

And, for last, the most important rule is: Play Counter-Strike.

The best lesson you can learn is by playing the game yourself, right? So play CS:GO and learn how to deal with every situation in game.

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