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All about the Messi case

All about the Messi case
Find out all about the Messi case and how the story is heading towards the end of the cycle.
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Thursday, September 3 2020

What used to be a long love story involving club and player, is taking different directions, so learn all about the Messi case involving Barcelona. The Argentine star had already made it clear that he would no longer stay at the club, due to several events.

Last Sunday (30th), after an appearance to perform Covid-19 tests, Messi did not appear and ended up confirming his words. Which made the presidency of Barça even more irritated.

However, Messi wants to leave Barcelona by means of a termination and without his fine of 700 million euros being paid. The jersey #10 even made clear in the Burofax he sent to the Catalan club, which informed his official decision to leave the club. In Messi's document, he claims he wanted to use the contractual clause that he would have 10 days after the end of the season to leave Barça.

Thus, the season ended on August 23, which was the end of the Champions League, having to be extended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, Messi believes he can peacefully terminate and leave the club. However, for Barcelona, the season ended on May 31, according to them, according to the official calendar.

La Liga, manager of the Spanish Championship, has positioned itself in favor of Barcelona and said it will only give Messi the transfer certificate if the fine is paid.

Court battle

This "soap opera" is far from ended, and some of the parties will not have a happy ending involving Messi's departure from Barcelona. Especially because, according to information from the newspaper "Sport", the Spanish club is already studying measures to sue Messi in court, due to his absences on Sunday and Monday.

The Spanish press reported that Messi's desire is to move to Manchester City, a team led by Pep Guardiola. The information would be that the English club would already have a contract ready waiting for the Argentine's signature.

Argentina's “Olé” daily reported that City offered Messi 100 million euros (R $ 642 million) a year. The contract will be for 5 years, with the first 3 years being fulfilled in Manchester City and the other 2 years in New York City, a branch of the English club in the United States.

The only problem with this contract is that it will only be valid if Messi manages to leave Barcelona for free. However, the Argentine is already aware that, just in conversation, it will not be easy. Therefore, the player has some factors to enter in court.
They are:
- Messi believes that the contractual clause was still valid on August 25, when he sent the burofax;

- The Argentine is no longer considered a Barcelona player and therefore did not attend the re-presentation, as recommended by his lawyers;

- The player still believes that there may be a meeting for his departure to be amicable, he would even have asked the Catalan leadership more than once;

- Messi and his lawyers are already working with another option, if they do not get the Spanish club released. One of the alternatives they seek is to ask FIFA for a provisional transfer to another club, while the case is resolved in the courts. Especially because Barcelona intends to go to court alleging breach of contract and asking for compensation for that.

Messi and his lawyers have until October 5 to try to resolve the situation, as that is when the Spanish transfer window ends. However, this is not all about the Messi case.

Messi can pay a high price and it's not cash

According to information from "ESPN", Barcelona would accept that Messi leave the club legally and without paying anything, however, with the condition that the player accepted to stay without playing any match in this season of 2020/21. A year away from the lawns.

That way, Messi would have to stand still for a year, without playing for anyone and only being able to sign for free with another club from January 1st. The player could not enter the field until July 1st, 2021.

With that, Messi will not have to pay any money to leave the Spanish club. However, Messi would also have to forgo the annual salary proposed by Manchester City, worth 100 million euros.

Lionel Messi's lawyers believe in a positive outcome and believe that the player can leave for free, while Barcelona's lawyers keep the word that only with the payment of the severance fine. This can still yield a great "soap opera" legally.

Renewal with Barcelona

Even though Messi has stood his ground saying he is not in the club and not even appearing in the re-presentation, Barcelona keeps the proposal of renewal with player for another 2 years. It follows with the same proposal of months ago, that the player never responded.

The numbers for the renewal contract have not been released, but Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu has a desire to meet with Messi's father to discuss the renewal. Renewal numbers are estimated to be close to 100 million euros per year.

The directors of the Catalan club do not believe in a possible renewal, despite being a desire. Therefore, they continue to keep the word that “La Pulga” only leaves the club paying the fine of 700 million euros. In addition, Barça felt even more secure after La Liga stood in its favor.

Also according to the information found by "ESPN", Barcelona will answer the last burofax sent by Messi, trying to convince the player to stay.

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