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The rarest skins in Free Fire

The rarest skins in Free Fire
We list in this article the rarest skins in Free Fire, skins that a few have in their inventory.
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Monday, August 31 2020

Free Fire is a very successful game in the e-sports world. The Garena Battle Royale presents us with many skins and releases new ones every week. To obtain some of them you need diamonds, missions, among other things, most of them extremely hard to obtain. For example, we list the rarest skins in Free Fire.

Some of these skins became rare just because they were the first to be released, when there was less users than now a days. Other skins became rare because of the difficulty of getting them, some because of its high price and some others because of its short time on the server.

Garena usually releases some skins based on world events, like Christmas, Easter or even Valentine’s Day. Several of these skins, users can get them spinning the Diamond Royale Wheel, but for that they need to spend diamonds or exchange tokens for diamond tickets.

Check out below the rarest skins in Free Fire:

Angelic Pants


The male Angelic Pants may not be the rarest item on Free Fire, although it’s the most wanted by the community. The first time it was released on the game was in 2018, but it wasn’t much known, so it wasn’t much requested. Meanwhile, after many influencers used in their characters on their live streams, the pants became more famous and ended being one of the most loved skin. The pants were released again last month, stayed on the shop for 3 days and a few people could obtain it. The female Angelic Pants are not so rare because many people could get it for free in an event.

Dino Outfits


The Dino Outfits aren’t also on the top of the list of the rarest skins, but are part of the list. Such as the angelic pants, it’s an item very hard to get and very desired by the community. The Dino Outfits appeared on the game in 2018, as an incubator item, where users needed Evolution stones and Dino projects to get it.

Elite Sakura


After mentioning two of the most desired skins in Free Fire, now we talk about one of the rarest skins in the game. The Elite Sakura skins are between the rarest skins of all games, because they are part of the game’s first elite pass, when a few people knew the game and it wasn’t common to have diamonds. Besides that, the skins were divided by parts, so if players wanted to obtain the whole bundle, they had to gather a lot of emblems.

Predator Skin


It’s a very rare skin that stayed on the game for only 10 days and was released only one time until now. The Predator skin was the first released skin on Free Fire with effects after killing someone. In each kill, the skin automatically releases visible luminous effects.

Valentine’s Day Shoes


The very rare shoes appeared in 2018, on the Valentine’s Day event and it was easy, in a way, to get it. For that, you just had to play five matches in duo mode to get the skin. Meanwhile, the skin stayed for a few days and never appeared again, which makes the item very rare.

Hip Hop bundle


This bundles are very rare in the game, the skins are female and male. They are very rare because they were released in the game’s second Elite Pass. Since them, the skins never appeared again and were never released until now. Because of that, few players have it, because not only you needed the elite pass, but also to do missions that gave emblems if you did them.

Gold Football boots skin


The with football boots everyone in the Free Fire community has them, but only a few have the gold ones. This skin was released in 2018, in honor of the 2018 Russia World Cup. To obtain it, it was necessary to finish missions and collect footballs that could be exchanged by the boots. Along with the gold skins, the silver and bronze boots were released as well.

AIS Parachute skin


This is one of the most rare and old items in the game. The AIS Parachute is rarely seen in any player. It came along with the release of the game and, to obtain it, was necessary to have a game code. A few people have this item and never returned to the game.

Veteran Jacket


For last, but not the least important, we have the Veteran Jacket, another very old item and few players have. This skin was offered to players who linked their game profile to their Facebook Profile. This was a Garena idea to avoid the players to lose their account and increase the security.

These are only some rare Free Fire skins, since the game has plenty of content and has several other released skins.

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