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The greatest pitchers in NBA history

The greatest pitchers in NBA history
We list the greatest pitchers in NBA history, some of whom are still active in the sport.
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Thursday, August 13 2020

One of the main features of basketball is the long throw, which allows the player a tactical and decisive advantage. So, we decided to list some of the greatest pitchers in NBA history. This list is based on individual athletes' statistics as well as their prizes.

1 – Stephen Curry

First on the list of greatest pitchers in NBA history had to be Stephen Curry, the best of all time in the role. The player is responsible for the great change in the NBA in recent years, making the perimeter game one of the main focuses of the teams. In addition, until the 2015/16 season, Ray Allen held the world record for three-point baskets, with 269 three points scored. However, Curry managed to almost double this mark, hitting absurd 402 dunks. Curry is 32 years old and is a guard for the Warriors.

2 – Ray Allen

The second name on our list is Ray Allen, two-time NBA champion for the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, in addition to being the player who made the most perimeter dunks in American league history, making 2,973 dunks. Allen is renowned for the quality of his shots from very far, the famous 3-point basket. In addition, the player is also known for being very fast, of physical strength and versatile, being a shooting-guard of several technical fundamentals. Many admirers of the sport remember Allen's sixth convert in 2013, which took the game to overtime in the last seconds. It was considered the biggest three-point dunk in history and later led the Miami Heat to the title.

3 – Reggie Miller

In third place we have the “Teletubbie”, as Miller was known. The player was once considered one of the greatest pitchers of all time in the NBA. Miller was one of the creators of the “new basketball”, in the question of long shots and three-point baskets. That's because, until a certain point in time, only 14.5% of the players risked these shots. Reggie Miller occupies second place in the total ranking, having made 2,560 dunks.

4 – Kyle Korver

This player was never one to hide his main characteristic, and most of his points (about 60% of them) were for long shots. Korver has the highest average for total points, standing above all others. But not only that, he is also the fourth athlete with more three points shots scored, being 4,284 in all, so far. He has the tenth best performance in NBA history, with 42.8%.

5 – Larry Bird

Since the three-point line appeared, Larry Bird has been regarded as the first specialist in long-distance points. Considered one of the greatest legends of the Celtics, Bird was elected the NBA's MPV in 1986, being the player who tried the most perimeter shots, including more than six other entire teams in the competition. Bird's performance in his career was 37.5% and it would be impossible to leave him off the list, even because he was one of the creators of the perimeter basket.

6 – Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr left his name marked in NBA history having been champion 5 times as a player, now in charge of the Golden State Warriors. Kerr was one of the most efficient players in the three-point pitches, with a 45.4% success rate.

7 – Klay Thompson

Summing up all of his seasons in the NBA, Thompson was about 40% successful in his long shots. The player is still the owner of the record for three-point shots in a single playoff match. The record was 11 hits in one of the Western Conference finals in 2016, against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In addition, he was one of the highlights of the Golden State Warriors' titles alongside Stephen Curry, although no one gave the winger much emphasis.

8 – Peja Stojakovic

The way Stojakovic was throwing was not pretty to look at, but he is in history as one of the greatest pitchers in NBA history. Stojakovic owns 20th place on the list of players who most often scored three points. In addition, in the three-point tournament over the weekend of the stars, he was the winner on two occasions.

9 – Steve Nash

Nash was one of the most effective long-distance shooters in the NBA, being elected MVP on two occasions. Nash still got 42.8% of hits on three-point shots and placed 11th in overall NBA all-time play.

10 – Chris Mullin

Last and not least on our list, we have Mullin, who as a player had as his main weapon the long throw, as well as being a fast and very skilled athlete. Its rate was 38% in perimeter pitches.