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How to bet on League of Legends

How to bet on League of Legends
Get inside and learn how to bet on League of Legends.
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Saturday, August 15 2020

Riot Games knew how to handle one of its biggest products on the market, League of Legends. In this text, we will guide you in learning how to bet on League of Legends.

To begin, we have to situate you on what League of Legends is:

Released on October 27, 2009 by developer Riot Games, League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, the famous MOBA. Within the game, we have the main map called Summoner's Rift. That said, we have two teams of five players each. Each player selects their champion before the match starts. After that, each team is "spawned" on opposite sides of the map, within their bases. We have the blue and red sides and each one is protected by towers. In total there are three routes to follow, the upper route (Top), the bottom route (bot) and the middle route (mid). In addition to these routes, we have the jungle that interconnects between these routes. In the jungle is where you can find other objectives of the game, like dragons, heralds and barons that are spawned according to the course of the game. The main objective of the match is for a team to destroy the enemy Nexus first. The Nexus is the heart of every team's base.

That said, let's talk about some of the major League of Legends markets.


At Moneyline, we bet which team will win the match, just like in football.


Here we can bet on the total of maps that the match will have. For example, “Total Maps Over 2.5” or “Total Maps Under 2.5”. Remembering that some matches are played in MD5 (best of five) and even MD1 (best of one) formats.


In this topic, we have the freedom to bet on a total of kills within the game or even which team will be able to execute the first blood (obtain the first kill).


We can also bet on which team will be able to kill the first dragon in the game. The dragon is a fundamental bonus for the team that has it, and can gain movement speed, attack and even resistance.


One of the main objectives of the game is the conquest of the baron. The baron is an asset for the team that manages to acquire it, as it can make their troops stronger and help to destroy enemy barriers. In addition, the baron's power can provide greater advantages for champions, just like the dragon.

Now we will suggest some valuable tips for you to bet on League of Legends, as well as any other eSport that you want to start with sports betting.

First tip: study.

Second tip: if you get the chance, play the game. The fact that you play League of Legends may place you much better in the game environment.

Third tip: focus on just two or three leagues, nothing more.

Fourth and last tip: there is always news about the game, champions, dragons, barons, etc. Stay on top of this news.

As we advise you to focus on just a few leagues, here they go:

World Championship

Now that you have learned about betting on League of Legends, how about putting this in practice at the best sports betting houses that only the Betting Academy can recommend you!