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Gambler won over 200 thousand in the Champions League

Gambler won over 200 thousand in the Champions League
The grand final between PSG and Bayern Munich culminated in the German team's historic title and profitable outcome, where a bettor won over 200,000BRL in the Champions League; stay tuned.
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Wednesday, August 26 2020

We know that football is a national passion, but for some it may end up yielding much more than just emotions, this is the case of the Brazilian Josué Ramos, bettor who won more than 200 thousand BRL (30k€/$35k/£27k) in the Champions League and made headlines in some news, such as in the excellent article of GiroEsportes.

Josué Ramos is a professional bettor and trader already well recognized in the sports betting market, maintaining partnerships with leading companies in the segment, such as Betfair and also the Betting Academy. These partnerships ended up yielding, free of charge, high profitability for the followers of the social networks of the companies mentioned and also of the sites in question, since they were able to follow every bet that was made by Josué, from pre-games to in real time, without no cost whatsoever.

Below, an example of tips given by Josué Ramos on the telegram channel of the Betting Academy.

Apostador faturou mais de 200 mil na Liga dos Campões (entrevista)

Other tips were also left in articles on the Betting Academy blog, on the Betfair blog, on Josué's own Telegram channel, as well as on his youtube channel and also live during the games that were followed on the youtube channel of Betting Academy. And of course, all of this for free.

Many tips were passed during the Champions League and continue to be passed daily on the social networks and websites that were mentioned. Now, it remains to know a little more about everything that was done during this final stretch of the Champions League and no one better than the author himself to explain it to us.

Thus, today the Betting Academy is pleased to speak once again with the professional bettor Josué Ramos, who closely followed all the emotions of the entire Champions League, and especially the historical confrontation between PSG and Bayern Munich in last Sunday (23rd).


That said, let's talk a little bit about this path in sports betting and do an interview a little different from what GiroEsportes did, which you can check in full by clicking here.

Interview below:

We've interviewed you before, but as we can have a new audience here, can you tell us a little about yourself? Can you tell us about your history in sports betting?

First of all, it is a pleasure to speak once again about sports betting to the Academy. My name is Josué, I'm 33 years old, I'm from Rio Grande do Sul, I've been working with sports betting for over 10 years, I'm a trader and professional bettor. I can say that I am also an entrepreneur and investor.

My history in sports betting started in 2010 after suffering a car accident and being in a wheelchair for a while, thinking that I would never walk again, at the risk of having my legs amputated as well. It was not the best start anyone could have. Then things changed a little bit, I just can't say that everything was positive. At first, luckily I started walking again and I didn't lose my legs, but I made a little wrong decisions at the time, I ended up going bankrupt and literally going hungry, in addition to going into a depression that was hard to endure for years.

When things improved financially regarding sports betting and depression seemed to want to let go of me, I was rushed to a hospital with acute pancreatitis, and later a suspicion of a pancreatic tumor and was admitted to the hospital for 3 months. . Everyone thought I was going to die, doctors, relatives, including me, especially me.

I spent Christmas and New Year alone in a hospital thinking I was going to die, it's too crazy to remember that.

As you can imagine, this story took a turn and this complicated path that I took served to shape me.

I had a lot of time to study the betting market and come up with my own theories. I think I managed to take root very well in that area.

What are your markets?

The markets in which I operate today are very varied, ranging from football, horse racing, NBA, eSports, NFL, among many other sports.

Regarding the Champions League, you made a very high profit in a few games, can you tell us about it?

Sure. First, it was not an easy thing, even if it seems like it was. Almost everything I bet turned out to be profitable, but the idea of doing everything I did, all the bets that were made, pre-game and live, were only made for the following reason, this is my strategy. I always do the same thing, apply the same study, make the same comparisons, and bet in the same aggressive way.

Being a gambler is recognizing patterns and following the roadmap on what to do in each type of situation.

These games that we had in the Champions League were very valuable, due to the weight of the ratings of a completely lay audience in relation to betting. Sports people gave opinions full of guesswork, influencing many people, and many people put their personal beliefs in front of a good assessment, and no human being in their normal mental state would carry out the detailed study that a bettor will do.

You made 3 very high pre-game bets, which were in the victory of Bayern against Barcelona, in the victory of PSG against Leipzig, and in the victory of Bayern against PSG in the decision, can you tell us a little about them? Because we know that you are a bettor who acts more in the live game, than before it occurred.

The question is perfect. It is something very rare, both the fact of betting pre-game, and the fact of betting heavy pre-game.

These games I was forced by logic to bet heavy pre-game. The odds, which are probabilities, were very poor. And this mismatch would give me room to correct my bets during the live, and make even bigger bets.

You had an accurate reading in the game between PSG and Atalanta, where you had a pre-game bet on Atalanta, a heavy bet too, and you corrected during the game for the side of PSG leaving with a profit, even with the turnaround of PSG, can you talk about that?

That game was special. My idea was that Atalanta had more pace and was a more objective and effective team than PSG. Atalanta does not lose many goals and defends very well. I found it difficult for PSG not to suffer a goal from Atalanta, because their defensive system is very fragile. Another issue was the fact that Kylian Mbappé started the game on the bench, in addition to the team being without Di María for the match. It was easy to bet pre-game on Atalanta.

The game was very much to the side of the Italians, especially after opening the scoring, however, in the second half the team's attitude changed, I found that very strange, it didn't look like the team I had been following for the past few weeks, and that made me cover my bet on Atalanta and entering in favor of PSG, bet that I reinforced when Mbappé entered the field.

What were the easiest bets for you? The ones you thought were easy money?

Well, easy money doesn't exist. Never. However, I evaluate a bet according to its equity, the advantage that the bet has, the size of the price (current probability) in relation to the probability that I projected, and in this study, the bets on Bayern's victory against Barcelona, the victory of PSG against Leipzig and Bayern to score more than 2.5 goals at Barcelona, were the easiest bets I made and with greater equity.

Many people were able to follow their bets on the Betting Academy channels, as well as on the website itself, in addition to your own channels and on Betfair. How do you feel influencing a relatively large audience in the middle of sports betting?

Look, this is a huge burden. Too much responsibility. I take all of this very seriously and do not keep the public as a guinea pig, as many do to push products, become more popular or sell something, because it is all about selling something.

I had an experience of more than 8 years as a tipster in investor unions, among the best in the world in the business, investing an amount of money that I could buy in a small country with, that was my experience as a tipster, always in the fire of pressure and high responsibilities.

I try to pass on to the public something honest and always full of “reasons”, because they need to learn something about sports betting and not just feed on betting tips. I also try to pass on to them the questions about how to manage bets that they place, because I am very concerned about the more lay public, who sometimes bet without even knowing how to respect financial management, in order to do it correctly in the end.

I feel fulfilled by being able to help those who are starting out in this medium and being able to have this interaction with the public.

You already told us that you have retired from the tipster market, and that you will soon retire as a bettor, can you tell us the reasons?

Well, I retired as a tipster for investors in 2018, and I should soon retire as a bettor. The reasons that made me retire as a tipster, was the fact that I wanted to have more time to live, because it was very difficult. And I already had a satisfactory profitability in the middle, I no longer had the need to continue working that way.

As a gambler it is a little different. I already have a team that I trained to be betting with my bankroll, I believe they will be the future of my bets, but my intention is just to slow down my pace as a bettor and not stop for good.

We know that you are finalizing your book on sports trading, how is the production of the book and how is the organization of the others you intend to publish?

The trading book is already ready and being edited. The rest are already in the organization and production. I can't publish yet, due to the pandemic. I have to wait a while to find an alternative to be able to launch the books physically. This has caused me a lot of anxiety, I really want to launch this soon.

If you could give a tip to Josué from 10 years ago, who was starting out in sports betting, what would it be?

If it were just a tip, I would say to study equity. It is essential to understand the equity that we have in our bet. If I knew that back in the early years of sports betting, I wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble. However, if I could really talk to Josué from 10 years ago, I would leave him the results of all the horse and football races of the past 10 years, I believe it would be better than explaining anything.

And to the audience reading this interview, do you have any tips on sports betting to pass on?

I would like to have the game results of the next 20 years to pass, but as it is not possible, I would say to study this market a lot and absorb every drop of knowledge you can.

It was a pleasure talking to to you again and to close, could you tell me where the public can find betting tips, articles and videos from you?

The pleasure is always mine. And thanks for the consideration. Well, you can find betting tips, articles and videos on the Betting Academy's website, on the Betting Academy's telegram channel, on my youtube channel, on the Betting Academy's youtube channel, on the Betfair Blog and on my channel on telegram. A big hug to everyone.

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