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eSports Betting: Tuesday 11/08/20

eSports Betting: Tuesday 11/08/20
Find everything you are looking for to bet on eSports this Tuesday!
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Monday, August 10 2020

For this Tuesday, August 11th, we have separated for you the best bets on eSports of the day. We will have big decisions within the competitive scenario of League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. To begin with, inside CS: GO, the HellRaisers team will face SJ after a period of almost a year for Nine to Five 3 Dawn. Soon afterwards, within DreamHack, we will have the Germans from BIG facing the Heroic in the beginning of the championship. In the League of Legends scenario, we will have disputes between the teams Rensga eSports and Team oNe eSports for the playoffs of BRCC Winter 2020 and G2 Artic and S2V Esports by LVP SuperLiga Orange Season 19.  Another day with a varied card in several games.

CS:GO | Nine To Five 3 Dawn - HellRaisers vs SJ:
After almost a year since the last confrontation between the HellRaisers and SJ teams in the competitive scenario of CS: GO, both meet again this season of Nine to Five. The situation of HellRaisers is of a defeat in their recent confrontation, bringing an overall advantage of 70% winrate. Meanwhile, the squad of the SJ team presents us with a defeat against FATE in their last duel, demonstrating an overall winrate of 50% in the championship. Because of these factors, we were able to see a superior quality regarding the HellRaisers for this game, and through this we believe in their greater probability of victory.

CS:GO | DreamHack Open Summer 2020 Europe - BIG vs Heroic:
The Germans from the Berlin International Gaming team did not forgive the Heroic earlier this year and pinned the score 2-0 over the Danes, and this was the only record we had of battle between them. Now the Heroic have managed to present a victory over the MAD Lions in their most recent confrontation, after a defeat against OG in cs_summit 6. On the other hand, the squad of the BIG club has been playing for three games without even defeat, bringing a large domain of maps and rotations within the game. Therefore, our analysis leads us to believe that for this match the BIG team provides greater security than the Heroic.

League of Legends | BRCC Winter 2020 Playoffs - Rensga eSports vs Team oNe:
Bringing three consecutive victories within the Challenging Circuit, Rensga eSports meets Team oNe eSports again in the race. The last confrontation between the teams resulted in Rensga's 1-0 win. Now Team oNe was able to recover from two bad games it had had and won its confrontation against Havan Liberty Gaming. However, for this match, Team oNe eSports is being rated as the favorite to win, but we do not believe this. Analyzing the current situation of both teams in the championship, mainly by the playoffs of Circuitão, we believe that Rensga eSports will fight tooth and nail to come out with the victory in this game.

League of Legends | LVP SuperLiga Orange Season 19 Playoffs - G2 Arctic vs S2V Esports:

The Spaniards of the G2 Artic team will come to this match with a positive balance, bringing two consecutive victories within the LVP SuperLiga league, while S2V Esports was unfortunately not successful in their confrontation against BCN Squad. Due to the inferior situation of the S2V Esports squad, we believe that the team with the best development in this season of the championship is the G2 Artic, and this will make it able to stave the victory.



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