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eSports Betting: Saturday 08/08/20

eSports Betting: Saturday 08/08/20
Find everything you are looking for to bet on eSports this Saturday!
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Saturday, August 8 2020

Check here the best betting tips on e-Sports for this Saturday, stay on top of the great confrontations that this day can offer to your investments. Here we separate the battles in highlights within the league, LEC Summer 2020, where we will have Team Vitality facing Schalke 04 in search of the qualification in group stages, MAD Lions facing Rogue for the fourth time in the tournament and Fnatic beating head on with Excel Esports. In addition, we have separated a great confrontation that will happen for LCS Summer 2020 between the 100 Thieves and Team Dignitas fighting each other for the league qualification. Another day with a varied card in several games.

League of Legends | LEC Summer 2020 Group Stage - Team Vitality vs Schalke 04:
After showing an excellent evolution in the LEC Summer 2020 championship, the squad of FC Schalke 04 Esports comes with four consecutive victories in the competition, while Team Vitality has been for two games without taking a loss. Despite this, we remind that the last confrontation between the two resulted in Team Vitality's 1-0 win. Now in this duel, the scenario developed by both teams proposes a notable improvement for FC Schalke 04 Esports in the competition, and because of this we believe it is the most qualified team to win Team Vitality.

League of Legends | LCS Summer 2020 Group Stage - 100 Thieves vs Team Dignitas:
The race for qualifying in the group stages of LCS Summer 2020 remains fierce. Now we will have the squad of Team Dignitas facing 100 Thieves in search of adding a positive balance to their championship score. However, Team Dignitas is in a difficult phase in their confrontations and has already accumulated two defeats in a row in the competition, getting involved in a series of failures in their squad. On the other hand, 100 Thieves were successful in their most recent duel against the Immortals. It is worth saying that in the last clashes between the teams, the 100 Thieves emerged victorious without showing any concern. In this duel under analysis, we realized that the cast of 100 Thieves is still the team expected to win.

League of Legends | LEC Summer 2020 Group Stage - MAD Lions vs Rogue:
Something happened during the Rogue team's journey at LEC Summer 2020. The team, which had accumulated five consecutive victories in the competition, now presents us with that old situation of games where they win one and lose another. On the other hand, the Spanish club of MAD Lions comes with a defeat against Team Vitality, the same team that obliterated Rogue in their last confrontation. Favoritism for MAD Lions does not seem to be coming true. Although Rogue is in this delicate situation, we believe that the team will come to give their best in this confrontation.

League of Legends | LEC Summer 2020 Group Stage - Fnatic vs Excel Esports:
This year, the Fnatic and Excel Esports teams held three matches within the LEC 2020 competition, in all these games the Fnatic squad dominated Excel Esports completely. However, now the Fnatic squad presents us with two consecutive defeats within the league, while the Excel Esports team comes with two much more deserved victories in the tournament. Although the Fnatic team is being rated as a favorite in this duel, we believe that this does not match the current reality in which the squad have been dealing. For this match, we believe the highest probability of victory will be on the side of the Excel Esports team.


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