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Best Bets for UFC Figth Night 174

Best Bets for UFC Figth Night 174
Find everything you are looking for to bet on UFC Figth Night 174!
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Thursday, August 6 2020

UFC returns this Saturday with the UFC FIGTH NIGHT 174: Lewis vs. Oleynik, having the duel of these two heavyweights as Main Event, and the duel between Chris Weidman vs. Omari Akhmedov as Co_Main Event. It is worth mentioning that this last duel will take place by the middleweight.

UFC | UFC Fight Night 174  - Derrick Lewis vs Alexey Oleynik:
The UFC Figth Night 174 main event will take place between the heavyweights, American Derrik Lewis (14-5) vs. Russian Alexey Oleynik (59-13). It is interesting to clarify that both fighters have a similar record in the last five matches, having won 3 fights and lost two. Both the American and the Russian won their last two fights.

The duel seems very favorable to the American's victory, since the fighting styles seem to perfectly fit his game. If the fight is on foot, the American has a wide advantage, since the Russian has not shown good technique in striking and his cardio seems doubtful to endure 5 rounds. Besides, I can't envision any scenario where Oleynik can take Lewis down and stay on top, theoretically the only scenario that seems to be advantageous.

Some may say that the Russian surprised in the last fight by beating the Brazilian Fabricio “Vai Cavalo” Werdum, but just remember that the Brazilian showed a lot of lack of rhythm in that match, mainly due to the long time without fighting due to his suspension by dopping.

However, I believe that against the American, the Russian does not have the necessary tools to achieve victory, whether on the ground or standing.

The bet on the American's victory, whether by KO, TKO, DESC or SUBMISSION, at 1.66, seems like an excellent opportunity.

UFC | UFC Fight Night 174  - Chris Weidman vs Omari Akhmedov:
The second most important fight of the night, will be between the middleweights, the American and former champion of the category, Chris Weidman (14-5), against the rising Russian, Amari Akhmedov (20-4).

Initially, it is interesting to note that the American is in a terrible phase, not even reminding the fighter who dethroned Anderson Silva from the top of the middleweight division. In his last 6 fights, the American suffered 5 losses and only 1 victory. He comes from two knockouts, one in the top category (medium heavyweight), against Dominick Reyes, and the other against the Brazilian Ronaldo “Jacaré” Souza. Weidman's drop in performance is visible, who has been fighting very weak technically, as well as showing a fragile chin.

The Russian, on the other hand, is on a visible rise, having won 4 of their last 5 duels, with the other ending in a draw.

In this fight, it is clear the contrast between a fighter in a bad phase, and another one in growing in the organization. The pricing pointing Weidman as a favorite, is only due to the fact that he is a former champion of the category, since the moment is totally favorable to the Russian.

Therefore, the suggestion of betting on the Russian's victory, paying 2.10, seems like an excellent opportunity.


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