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Best bets for Thursday 06/08/20

Best bets for Thursday 06/08/20
Follow the best bets for Thursday 06/08/20!
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Wednesday, August 5 2020

Find here the best bets for Thursday, with very disputed matches and excellent odds. Thus, we have listed below the best bets for Thursday. We start with Bayer Leverkusen and Rangers FC, counting for the Europa League, with the home team having the favoritism. In the second match we have Wolves and Olympiakos, which promises to be a very disputed game. In the third match of our card, we have Basel with ample favoritism against Frankfurt. Subsequently, Seville and Rome will face, perhaps, the most fierce confrontation on our list. Last and not least, another great duel, this time for MLS, we will have Orlando and Minnesota deciding a place for the final of the competition.

Football | Europa League - Bayer Leverkusen vs Rangers FC:
Bayer Leverkusen was better and started in the first match against Rangers, winning by 3-1. In addition to the advantage they have on the scoreboard, they are more technically qualified compared to the opponent, and the local factor can make a difference, even without the presence of their supporters. Just as it was not easy in the first leg, Rangers will have another difficult match for the Europa League round of 16. They are inferior to the opponent and will be playing away from home, a fact that leaves them at a more disadvantage. Thus, we believe in the victory of the home team.

Football | Europa League - Wolverhampton vs Olympiakos:

Wolves managed a 1-1 draw in the first leg of the competition. Now, working at home, they must propose the game, aiming to do their duty to guarantee the classification in the quarterfinals. They are technically more qualified and will take advantage of it. Olympiakos did not do what is expected of the team playing at home, as they did not achieve a good result. For this match, they will bet on their offensive system. However, Wolves are the favorite, and we are looking forward to a victory for the home team.

Football | Europa League - FC Basileia vs Frankfurt:

Basel did more than expected, as they won the first duel, having beaten the opponent by the score of 3-0 away from home. In addition, they will now have the local factor in their favor, which even without the fan, is a very positive addition. It has a very solid attack and defense. Frankfurt's situation is complicated for this return match, as the defeat at home will weigh heavily on this decision. Besides, they did not make a big campaign in the Bundesliga. For the facts mentioned above, we have Basel's Asian handicap as the best option for this bet.

Football | Europa League - Sevilla vs Roma:

Sevilla has had a very consistent campaign this season, maintaining good streak and an unbeaten streak. Thus, they must impose themselves proposing the game in search of their goal, trying to win at the end. Just as Sevilla had a great campaign in La Liga, Roma did the same for the Italian Serie A. They have the offensive system as their strong point, and will seek to exploit this a lot to try to qualify for the quarterfinals of the competition. With that, we see a high probability of goals on both sides. This match is on Thursday's best bets.

Football | Major League Soccer is Back - Orlando City vs Minnesota United:

Orlando City was one of the teams with the best campaign in the MLS group stage, and reached the semifinals without suffering any defeat. In this way, they arrive very confident to advance the stage again. They have a great squad and will go all out to win. Minnesota has also had a very good campaign in the MLS so far, but not as consistently as its opponent. However, their team also has quality and will bet on that to try to qualify. Orlando City is technically superior compared to the opponent, so we welcome the bet on Orlando's Asian handicap. So this match is on Thursday's best bets.



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