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Best bets for Monday 03/08/20

Best bets for Monday 03/08/20
Follow the best bets for Monday 03/08/20!
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Sunday, August 2 2020

Find here the best bets for Sunday, with very disputed matches and excellent odds. Through this card, we will inform you of the best bets for Monday. Starting with the confrontation between Norrköping vs Mjällby counting for the Swedish championship, where the home team tries to isolate itself even more in the lead. In the second match, we have the Young Boys already champion of the Swiss Super League receiving at home, the second placed St. Gallen. In the last and no less important duel, also counting for the Swiss Super League, Zürich vs Thun face with the visiting team needing the victory to distance itself from the bottom of the table.

Football | Allsvenskan - Norrköping vs Mjällby:
Norrköping welcomes Mjällby's team at home, trying to add 3 more points and thus isolate themselves more and more in the championship leadership. They have a very qualified team and the local factor can be a positive addition. In addition, they will bet on their offensive system, as it is the most effective of the competition. Mjällby's team is not having such a good competition, as the oscillations prevent them from placing themselves better in the qualifying table. In addition, they haven't won a match for 4 games. For the facts mentioned above, we believe that the best option is to bet on the victory of the home team by the end of the first half. So, it gets into the best bets on Monday.

Football | Switzerland Super League - Young Boys vs St. Gallen:

The Young Boys, recently became the anticipated champion of the Swiss Super League and now host the second placed St. Gallen. Even though they play only to fulfill the table in this last duel, they should go to win and try to add 3 more points. Especially because, the match will be at home and they have a very qualified squad. Like the defending champion, St. Gallen also takes the field to comply with the table, as there is no risk of falling from second place. They must propose the game anyway in search of victory. However, the home team is superior and therefore we see a high probability of victory.

Football | Switzerland Super League - Zürich vs Thun:

The Zürich team receives Thun's team at home, trying to add 3 more points to possibly move up one more position in the leaderboard. Even more than that, they come from 6 consecutive defeats. Thun's team, on the other hand, really need this victory, because they risk being in the relegationzone. In addition, they are growing, maintaining an invincibility and going with everything forward to add the 3 points, even away from home. Therefore, betting on Thun's victory is the most viable path. That way, it gets into Monday's best bets.




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