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2019/20 Premier League season

2019/20 Premier League season
In addition to the information on the 2019/20 season of the Premier League, meet the teams that won a spot through the Championship to compete in the next edition of the Premier League.
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Saturday, August 1 2020

The 2019/20 Premier League season has finally come to an end, as it delayed the end of the competition by 2 months, which had its last duel on the 26th of this month.

However, the competition was well disputed until the end, both at the top and at the bottom of the table. The champion was set seven rounds in advance, thus breaking the English record.

The Grand Champion was Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool, having ended the competition with 99 points, with 85 goals scored, 33 goals conceded and 52 goals on average. Thus, with the second best attack and the best defense of the competition. This was an unprecedented feat for the Reds, who had never won the competition in this new format. So, in addition to the title, Klopp's team also automatically secured their spot for the next edition of the Champions League, a competition in which the Reds were the last winners.



The Champions League qualifiers

Liverpool and Manchester City guaranteed their places with good gap compared to their opponents. Thus, two spots remained in the Champions League, which were defined in the final stretch of the competition.

Champion: Liverpool secured their spot with great ease, as they were the great champions of the competition. The team managed to secure the title with seven rounds in advance, having added an incredible 99 points.

Runner-up: Manchester City were the defending champions and even tried to win the title again, but failed to overcome the great campaign of the Reds. Thus, they took the second place, having added 81 points, scoring 102 goals and conceding 35, with a balance of 67 goals. Manchester City had the Best attack and second best defense of the competition.

3rd place: Manchester United fluctuated a little at the beginning of the competition and when the team fit, it was already far behind the first two. However, they had a good campaign and managed to secure their place in the Champions League, taking third place. The Red Devills added 66 points, scored 66 goals and conceded 36 goals, leaving a balance of 30 goals.

4th place: The fourth place and last place for the Champions League was for Chelsea, who fought until the last match to actually make their qualification. The competition ended with the same 66 points from third place, Manchester United. The team scored 69 goals and conceded 54, with a 15 goals on balance.

The Europa League qualifiers

As in the fight for places in the Champions League, the dispute was very fierce for a place in the Europa League, having a place decided in the last round.

5th place: The Leiceter City team missed the great chance of qualifying for the Champions League. That's because in the last round they were defeated in the direct confrontation by Manchester United, by the score of 2-0 at home. Thus, the Red Devills ended up taking the spot. Then, Leicester ended the competition with 62 points, 67 goals scored and 41 conceded, leaving a balance of 26 goals. With that, they got the direct place for the group stage of the Europa League.

6th place: Tottenham fluctuated too much during the competition, but ran against the time, they struggled to reach the qualifying zone for the Europa League and got the spot for the preliminary round of the competition. Thus, they ended the Premier League having added 59 points, scoring 61 goals and conceding 47, with a balance of 14 goals.

Demoted to Championship

The Premier League was well played in every way and it was until the last round. At the bottom of the table it could not be different, the teams stayed until the last game struggling to escape relegation.

18th place: Bournemouth managed to add 3 points in their last match, but it was not enough to escape the relegation zone. Thus, the competition ended with 34 points added, having scored 40 goals and conceded 65, with -25 goals on balance.

19th place: Watford was another one of the relegated in the 2019/20 season of the Premier League. In the crisis due to the situation the team was in, they chose to fire their coach with two rounds to go before the championship ended. With interim in charge, he failed to win any matches and ended up with 19th place. The team had 34 points, scored 36 goals and conceded 64, leaving the balance at -28 goals.

20th place: The last qualified of the competition ended up with Norwich City, which was the worst team in the Premier League. Norwicht ended the competition with 7 consecutive losses, proving their poor performance in the championship. Thus, they managed to add only 21 points in 38 matches, scored 26 goals and conceded 75, leaving the balance of -49.

Below, the Premier League top scorers:

1. - Jamie Vardy (Leicester): 23 goals

2. - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal): 22 goals

3. - Danny Ings (Southampton): 22 goals

4 - Raheem Sterling (Man City): 20 goals

5 - Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): 19 goals

6 - Harry Kane (Tottenham): 18 goals

6 - Sadio Mané (Liverpool): 18 goals

8 - Raúl Jiménez (Wolverhampton): 17 goals

8 - Anthony Martial (Manchester United): 17 goals

8 - Marcus Rashford (Manchester United): 17 goals

Below, the assistance leaders:

1. - Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City): 20 assists

2. - Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool): 13 assists

3. - Andrew Robertson (Liverpool): 12 assists

4. - Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): 10 assists

5. - David Silva (Manchester City): 10 assists

6. - Son Heung-Min (Tottenham): 10 assists

7 - Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City): 9 assists

7 - Adama Traoré (Wolverhampton): 9 assists

9 - Roberto Firmino (Liverpool): 8 assists

9 - Harvey Barnes (Leicester): 8 assists


Below, the Premier League's best goalkeepers:

 1. - Ederson (Manchester City): 16 clean sheets

2. - Nick Pope (Burnley): 15 clean sheets

3. - David de Gea (Manchester United): 13 clean sheets

4. - Rui Patrício (Wolverhampton): 13 games without conceding a goal

5. - Dean Henderson (Sheffield United): 13 clean sheets

6. - Alisson (Liverpool): 13 clean sheets

7. - Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester): 13 clean sheets

8 - Martin Dubravka (Newcastle): 11 clean sheets

9 - Vicente Guaita (Crystal Palace): 10 games without conceding a goal

10 - Ben Foster (Watford): 9 clean sheets


Check the teams that have moved up to the Premier League

In all, 3 Championship teams are promoted to the elite of English football. The first two vacancies are already defined and took the champion and runner-up.

Leeds was the champion with ease in the Championship, and thus, guaranteed his move to the Premier League next season. They added 93 points, with 77 goals scored and 35 goals conceded, ending the competition with 42 goals on balance. In addition, the team led by Marcelo Bielsa ended the championship with 6 consecutive victories.

The runner-up was with the West Bronwich team, which had a great campaign, but was hampered by the high number of swings. Still, they took the second place and the Premier League spot. Thus, they finished with 83 points added, having scored 77 goals and conceded 45, leaving the balance of 32 goals.

Now, two teams will make the playoffs final, vying for the last spot in the Premier League. In addition, this final is already defined, it will be between Brentford and Fulham, who advanced after going through the semifinals of the playoffs.

In the first leg between Swansea vs Brentford, Swansea improved and won by 1-0. In the second leg game, Bretford secured the classification having won 3x1, with an aggregated score of 3x2.

In the other semifinal, in the first duel, Fulham won by 2-0. In the return match they were defeated by 2x1, but ended up with the vacancy for final because of the aggregate, which was 3x2.

Then, next Tuesday 04/08, at 19:45 (UK), Brentford and Fulham face off for the semifinals of the Championship playoffs at the Ewood Stadium in Blackburn, disputing the remaining spot for the Premier League.