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How the Asian Handicap works

How the Asian Handicap works

See in this article, one of the hottest markets among gamblers, how does the Asian Handicap work?

by Josué Ramos   |   comments 0
Monday, July 27 2020

The hottest market for sports betting by professional audience is also one of the most complex, so many beginners in sports betting will have doubts about how the Asian handicap works in particular. Because Asian lines are really confusing. It is a more complex market and needs a more adequate study to understand. However, by far it is the most valuable and important market in sports betting.
Known as the professional market, the Asian handicap or handicap holds several striking particularities. Since it gives you more interesting and more competitive betting options. Even the question of giving you greater betting limits.

What is the Asian handicap for?

The Asian handicap market balances the events, giving more interesting odds for the possibilities. It is a market that aims to create greater difficulty, equaling the chances of those possible events occurring. Even if they were different possibilities.
In a simple example, in the Champions League clash between Liverpool and Porto. Liverpool's victory in England pays about 1.33 in odds. That gives Liverpool all the favoritism. At the same time, it makes more conscious bets impossible for Liverpool to win, due to the low odds.
In this way, a goal difference is created between Liverpool and Porto, where Liverpool start the match at a disadvantage. In this specific case, this disadvantage is 1.5 goals. That is, if you bet on the starting line of the game in favor of Liverpool, you would need Liverpool to win the match by 2 goals difference or more in this -1.5 handicap. In this example Porto start the match by winning by 1.5 goals and if Liverpool cannot win by more than 1 goal, you would lose the bet.


The advantages of this market

The Asian Handicap market gives you many advantages in betting. To begin with, the handicaps' handicap lines give you possibilities to have the bet returned in some cases. Which improves your long-term track record.
In addition, the market is subject to projection errors. And the Asian market provides you with a variety of betting possibilities, increasing your options when determining a line and placing a bet.
Another important factor is during the live event. In this phase of the confrontation the goals change the lines and we can often see opportunities that the bookmakers cannot predict. Precisely due to the disadvantage that Asian handicaps impose, they generate varied alternative lines during the event, giving you bets even in situations that normally the game would no longer have competitive odds bets.

How handicap lines work

This market has entire lines of disadvantage and also broken lines. A feature that benefits the gambler when looking for a value bet. As it is difficult to explain all possible lines within this market, we will put below a table that can facilitate your understanding when betting on this market. You just need to understand that this market may be available for betting in the 90 minutes and also for bets at halftime.



Profile and volume in sports betting

It gives you the possibility of having the bet returned in some cases and gives you a variety of bet possibilities, increasing your options when determining a line and placing a bet. Among other advantages.
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