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Best bets for Friday 31/07/20

Best bets for Friday 31/07/20
Follow the best bets for Friday 31/07/20!
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Thursday, July 30 2020

Find here the best bets for Friday, with very disputed matches and excellent odds. Then, through this card, we will inform you of the best bets for Friday. In this way, we will start with the great duel between Orlando and Los Angeles FC, counting for MLS, earning a place in the semifinals of the competition. In the next match, we will have the great classic between PSG and Lyon, earning the French League Cup title. The next match is counting for the Italian Serie B, with Pescara trying to escape the relegation zone. Still for the Italian Serie B, Frosinone vs Pisa try to stay in the qualifying zone for the playoffs, aiming for a place in the elite of Italian football.

Football | Major League Soccer is Back - Orlando vs Los Angeles FC:
The Orlando team is coming very well for these MLS Quarterfinals, because of the 4 matches played so far, they have not been defeated in any of them. So, they come confident for another victory and aiming for the qualifiaction. LAFC is a great team, and has been showing great football in the MLS. In addition, from their 4 matches played so far, they have also suffered no defeat. They have a high quality squad, which will bet on its qualified offensive system to win another victory and advance the stage. So, we see the victory of Los Angeles with good eyes. Therefore, this one enters the best bets on Friday.

Football | France League Cup - PSG vs Lyon:

PSG are the best and biggest team in France and will now go for one more decision, this time against rival Lyon, earning the French League Cup title. It has a large cast full of stars and it is betting on that, that they enter the field looking for another title. Lyon's team, as well as rival PSG, has a good team, which should propose the game in search of their goals, to win in the end.  However, Paris Saint-Germain's favoritism is still clear and the best bet is on PSG's victory. That way, it gets into Friday's best bets.

Football | Italy Serie B - Chievo vs Pescara:

Chievo has done a good Serie B, but the oscillations prevent them from placing themselves even better on the table. However, now they host a lesser opponent at home and will go all out to add 3 more points. Pescara is in a delicate situation as it tries to escape from the unwanted relegation zone. Therefore, even away from home, they must propose the game looking for his goal and the victory at the end. This tends to be a very disputed duel, with the two teams chasing the result. Thus, we are happy to see both teams score goals.

Football | Italy Serie B - Frosinone vs Pisa:

Frosinone, despite occupying 7th place in the table, is not doing well. Well, they have fluctuated too much and since the return of football, they won only once. Therefore, in order to end the competition well, they should press on in search of victory. Especially because they will be working at home. The Pisa team has the same number of points as their opponent, but they are experiencing a better moment. In addition, both have chances to leave the qualifying phase for the playoffs. So this tends to be a hotly contested match. So, the best bet for this match is that they both score goals.


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