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Best bets for Friday 24/07/20

Best bets for Friday 24/07/20
Follow the best bets for Friday 24/07/20!
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Thursday, July 23 2020

Find here the best bets for Friday, with very disputed matches and excellent odds. Through this card, we will inform you of the best bets for Friday. Then, without further ado, we will start with the difficult duel between Salernitana and Empoli, where both teams fight for a place in the access playoffs of the elite of Italian football. In the second match, involving Trapani and Pescara, both fight to escape the third division. In the clash between Virtus and Perugia, one still dreams of getting into the top 8, and the other struggles to stay away from the bottom 5. Last and not least, we will have Pisa facing the already demoted Cosenza, with the home team fighting to keep their place in the playoffs of access to Serie A.

Football | Itália Serie B - Salernitana vs Empoli:
The Salernitana team fights at the top of the table to maintain its place in the competition's playoffs, and it still has a chance to rise to the elite of Italian football. As this is the last match of the competition, they will have to win the head-to-head against Empoli. Therefore, they must press and propose the game in search of the goal throughout the match. The main objective of the Empoli team is to enter the top 8 in the competition. They will have to beat Salernitana away from home if they want to have any chance of playing in the playoffs. Because this is the last game and both teams are determined, a bet on goals will be the best option for the duel. Thus, this bet enters the best bets this Friday.

Football Itália Serie B  - Trapani vs Pescara:
Trapani did not have a very good competition and now they are trying to avoid direct relegation. However, for that, they will have to do their homework and add the 3 points against Pescara. Thus, there is no other way to play, except to propose the game seeking victory. Pescara lives a moment similar to that of its opponent, because it also fights to escape from the unwanted zone. So, even away from home, they goe out of their way to guarantee victory. Due to the need to add points from the teams, we suggest that the best bet for the match is that there are more than 2.25 goals. For this reason, this bet is part of the best bets for this Friday.

Football Itália Serie B  - Virtus vs Perugia:

Virtus is in the middle of the Italian Serie B table, but it is 3 points from 8th place. Thus, they should use the local factor as an additional motivation to add the 3 points. However, they are aware that it will be difficult to qualify for the playoffs, as they will have to root against their opponents' results. Therefore, they should enter focused on the field to do their part. Perugia's team is in a delicate situation, as they are 15th and if they don't win this match, they can enter the demotion zone. For this reason, they go with everything in search of victory. Thus, we see a very difficult game for both sides, with both teams pushing hard in search of the goal. Since, the most recommended bet is that both balance the nets.

Football | Itália Serie B - Cosenza vs Pisa:

The Cosenza team fought, but failed to secure their place in Serie B of the Italian Championship. Since, even if they win, the team is not even able to enter the playoff, which would have a chance to remain in the second division. In this round they will be playing at home and should try to win, even because it is the last match. The Pisa team, on the other hand, has been fighting at the top of the table to secure a place in the competition's playoffs, to try to enter the elite of Italian football. Therefore, they should be focused and with the best in search of these 3 points. Thus, a bet on goals is viewed with good eyes.



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