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The Carioca Championship may return this Thursday

The Carioca Championship may return this Thursday
Get updated information about the possible return of the Carioca Championship.
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Thursday, June 18 2020

It happened at dawn this past Tuesday (16th), the approval by the arbitral council of the Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Ferj) for the return of the Carioca Championship immediately this week. Within the meeting with the Serie A clubs, the decision of the first match between Flamengo and Bangu, in Moça Bonita, was made for this Thursday (18th), without an audience.

However, the resumption of the State championship still depends on the verdict of the governmental and municipal health authorities, even though it was approved by the majority of the 16 clubs participating in the vote. Because of this, the Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro will wait for answers until this Wednesday (17th). If the ball does not roll this Thursday, it was clarified that the Championship will return the next day after receiving the endorsement from the authorities.

There are still the rebutals of the presidents of Botafogo and Fluminense to return with football on the field, the representatives are still firm with the idea of not resuming with the sport since the beginning of the debate about the return.

Nelson Murarrej, current president of Botafogo, and Mário Bittencourt, from Fluminense, suggest that the games be held in mid-July, so as to create a greater guarantee of safety for those involved with the sport.

Although the majority approved the resumption, the presidents of the clubs in question plan to seek justice in order to not play now. But the Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro has already planned the match between those two teams for the 22nd.

The current president of Ferj, Rubens Lopes, had suggested at the meeting that the State should return on Saturday (20th) so that the teams could have more training time.

Flamengo had already been training since May 19th. Being one of the first teams to return to activities, even without having the endorsement for this.

Follow the official schedule of the Carioca Championship, through a note from the Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro:

"The Arbitration Council held virtually this Monday (06/15), the Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the clubs that dispute the Series A of the 2020 Carioca Championship debated matters pertinent to the return of the competition.
The president of FERJ, Dr. Rubens Lopes, reaffirmed that he does not give up on the pillars of preserving individual and collective health and contributing to the fight against the spread of COVID-19; obedience to the determinations of the authorities; and observance of the rigorous and technical Protocol with scientific bases.

All those present debated, democratically, the suggestions for the restart dates of the Rio Cup, to be started after an official endorsement by the government. If it does not come by the 17th, as soon as it happens, the Rio Cup will be resumed the next day. The suggested dates were approved by the majority.

Day 18 - Bangu x Flamengo
Day 19 - Portuguesa x Boavista
Day 21 - Vasco x Macaé; Madureira x Resende
Day 22 - Fluminense x Volta Redonda; Botafogo vs Cabofriense
After the discussion, the clubs decided to continue this Tuesday, at 8 pm, the Arbitral Council.

During the meeting, the clubs also approved the health certificate, change to 5 substitutions with three stoppages in the match, flexibility for the use of non-professional players, revision of the athletes' registration for the Rio Cup and will again debate the fate of a place in the Brazil Cup."