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Learn how to deal with the “Bad Run”

Learn how to deal with the “Bad Run”

All bettors usually go through a "bad run" so it is important to know how to manage this situation.

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Monday, June 1 2020

“Bad run” is nothing more than a term used in the world of sports betting, which means a series of losses, a bad phase, which causes the bettor to lose some amount of money from its bankroll, or even lead to bankruptcy.  It is important to know that every bettor, however good they are, has once gone through or will experience a "bad run" so this article is dedicated to helping you manage this situation.

Try to stay calm

For you who dream of becoming a successful gambler, it is very important that you work on your emotional aspect. This is because the psychological of the gambler can be the key to achieving success, but it can also make you fail in your plans.

When going through a "bad run" it is normal to see gamblers thinking that everything they are doing is wrong, that their methods are not good enough, or that their analysis is completely wrong, thus throwing away a work of a long time.  So it is important to remain calm at those times, and most important of all, to understand that all gamblers have passed or will pass through such moments. So, this does not mean that you are doing everything wrong and that your methods do not work, you are just going through a bad phase.

Don't try to recover the lost money and keep your bankroll management

When the "bad run" happens, usually a percentage of money is lost from the bankroll, so it is normal for bettors to be uncomfortable with this situation. Managing a loss is not an easy thing, so it is at this point that many punters do everything to try to recover the lost money, but remember that this is a mistake that can be very expensive.

Gamblers tend to run away from their planning, betting on worthless odds, in markets that they don't dominate, and this gets them even more in trouble, and may even lead to bankruptcy. So it is important to remain firm and disciplined so as not to do anything crazy to try to recover your losses.

It's in these times that bankroll management makes a total difference, as it prevents you from losing all your money because of a "bad run" a bad bet or even a series of bad results.

So it is important that you perform and respect your bankroll management, as this will make it easier to achieve the much desired success in sports betting. Experts advise to use a strategy that uses a percentage of your bankroll on each bet. So betting between 2% and 5% of your bankroll on each bet is essential to survive through a "bad run".

Do not forget to follow these advice when facing a bad phase in your career in the betting world: keep calm, do not go crazy to recover your money and mainly maintain discipline, thus not escaping your planning and respecting your bankroll management.