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eSports betting tips: Tuesday 01/06

eSports betting tips: Tuesday 01/06
Find everything you are looking for to bet on eSports this Tuesday!
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Monday, June 1 2020

Betting Tips for this Tuesday! Another day with a varied card in several games. And attention, read the warnings below the article, in the yellow frame! There we have a bankroll division to be followed!

CS:GO | LAST Premier Spring 2020 Europe Showdown - fnatic vs

It's been a long time since the last record of the fight between fnatic and, where fnatic won by 2x0 at ECS 2019. Now for BLAST Premier the scenario is on the side of, which currently has three consecutive wins, while fnatic is in a losing streak. So this makes us believe in the greater probability of victory for for this game, while fnatic does not present new security in the scenario.

CS:GO | BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Europe Showdown - FURIA vs Gen.G:
After three consecutive defeats, the Gen.G team meets FURIA again. FURIA currently has three victories on the stage. It should be noted that the last meeting of the teams resulted in the victory of Gen.G by 2x1 for the ESL One: Road to Rio. However, now the scenario is in FURIA's favor for this new duel, for the BLAST Premier Spring Series 2020 Americas Showdown. So, we believe that FURIA has the best squad, consisting of good statistics and positions to win this fight against Gen.G.

CS:GO | BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Europe Showdown - MAD Lions vs Dignitas:
After winning the mousesports, MAD Lions comes in force to fight against Dignitas that currently have two consecutive defeats so far. The balanced cast of MAD Lions proposes the best probability of winning in this match, demonstrating a greater firmness and game awareness, while mousesports are still sinning in their current form. We believe that through these points the MAD Lions team will have the best chances for upcoming future duel.

CS:GO | BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Europe Showdown - Team Vitality vs Ninjas in Pyjamas:

With the victory against ENCE and Ninjas In Pajamas in their last two games for DreamHack Masters 2020, Team Vitality will meet NiP again in this game for BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Europe. Our analysis concludes that NiP does not offer the necessary security to beat Vitality in this duel, therefore, we believe in the victory of Team Vitality again against NiP, as it is presenting a superior development to its current rival.



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