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Check for updates on the return of football in South America

Check for updates on the return of football in South America
In South America, federations and clubs are working on the development of protocols to resume sport in their respective countries.
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Monday, June 15 2020

The shutdown of several football competitions around the world has caused a huge hole between the teams and sports federations. However, this scenario is gradually changing, and it is happening in Europe. The resumption of the German championship, the Bundesliga, caused other leagues to resume with the sport following safety and health recommendations. The Portuguese league, the Premier League, also returned, as did the Spanish, La Liga.

In South America, federations and clubs are working on the development of protocols to resume sport in their respective countries, and this is what we will see next.


For now in Brazilian lands, football is trying to return with smaller championships, such as state championships. The first to sign the resumption was the Santa Catarinense Championship - Santa Catarina -, which is set to return on July 8th. Other championships such as Paulistão and Carioca, are in the middle of the return process, awaiting the final approval of the government, however, with training resumed. Other states that are already training are: Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Ceará and Goiás. However, the CBF has not yet released any date of probable return of the Brazilian Championship and the Brazil Cup, as there is no definition of the other state championships.


Argentine football canceled the entire 2020 season, according to the AFA (Argentine Football Association) with the addition that in 2021 there will be no relegations until the final. For now football in the country is awaiting the release of the Ministry of Health to return to sports activities, in the process of finalizing the Argentine Cup that was at its beginning when the ball had to be suspended.


In Bolivian football, the Bolivian Football Federation had handed over to the Ministry of Health a resumption protocol that had been denied by the authorities. According to the entities responsible for the return clearance, it is clear that there are no expectations of resuming before August, and the return of the sport should only occur in mid-October.


Football in Chile, on the other hand, is positive, the Council of Club Presidents had approved the protocol of the ANFP Return Commission for July 31st, but still needs the approval of the health authorities for 100% recovery to take place.


The Colombian Football Federation has already handed over the security protocol to the Ministries of Sports and Health to resume football. However, the document will still be analyzed by the entities, which creates the expectation that the sport may resume in late July or early August.


The Ecuadorian Federation is still studying the possibility of returning with the National Football Championship in the country between the end of July and the beginning of August. LigaPro has the following resumption alternatives: return with the round that was suspended or start over with a new calendar for 2021.


With the resumption date for July 17th, football in Paraguay remains optimistic on the scene. According to the information, the president of the Paraguayan Football Association (APF) held a meeting with the Minister of Health and Welfare last week to adequately adjust the security protocol for the resumption of the sport.


Football in Peru is a delicate case, as there is still no speculation that the sport could resume before August on the pitch.


In the case of Uruguay, the entities intend to prepare the resumption of training in July, to carry out the matches from the month of August.


In Venezuela, nothing was said, but the championship organizations asked the Venezuelan Football Federation to have the sport return on July 5th to end the season on November 29, counting that the 2021 season would undergo a change due to reduce participating clubs to 16, cutting unnecessary expenses.

Finally, Conmebol:

Conmebol has yet to announce any definite statement regarding Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. There is strong speculation that the 2020 edition is actually canceled. However, there is nothing to stop the tournament from ending by "renting" the opening months of 2021.
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