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MLS team signs first sponsorship with casino company

MLS team signs first sponsorship with casino company
In addition to being able to open a bookmaker in the Audi Field stadium in the future, other entertainment will be part of the agreement.
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Tuesday, February 25 2020

DC United is signing an atypical sponsorship with Caesar Entertainment Corp. This being a casino company that in the future will be able to open a bookmaker at the Audi Field stadium in Washington.

In addition to this strategy that could pave the way for a bookmaker, as part of the agreement as well, Caesar will have some advantages. Like, for example, opening entertainment venues around the Buzzard Point neighborhood in southeastern Washington and Audi Field. In addition, the company is stamping its brand on the right mage of the DC United jersey from 2020.

This contract will be of paramount importance as it will be the first time that a casino company will have its logo on an MLS jersey. Shortly after the news, the team's press released a statement talking about the partnership.

“In an effort to support the dream of turning Audi Field into a year-round entertainment center in the Buzzard Point community in Washington DC, several concepts of entertainment and bar / restaurant are being considered, including Caesars Entertainment which conducts events at the stadium itself, ”said the press.

In addition, there will be other news, Caesars will distribute promotional gifts, availability of suites during games at home, LED signage at Audi Field, events at the stadium and some special moments during games.

Also speaking on the deal was Caesars Entertainment's director of marketing, Chris Holdren:

“Caesars Entertainment has been a world leader in entertainment for many years, but now, embracing this new historic partnership with DC United, we have quickly become leaders in the world of sports. We are excited to share our experience in sports, hospitality and entertainment with DC United fans and Audi Field guests ”