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Horse Betting - we're on track! SOFT TO HEAVY

Horse Betting - we're on track! SOFT TO HEAVY

This is a horse betting analysis and suggestion article. We don't intend to point out the winners every time, our goal is to suggest positive expected value bets in the long term.

Today's bet: Carlisle - Race 6 - 20h50 (UK Time)

by Josué Ramos   |   comments 0
Thursday, June 8 2017

After a winning suggestion yesterday, today we move on to another exciting day with a heavy going. The ground conditions I like the most are expected for this race, in Carlisle. That is, the races will start with a going in Soft, where we already have a heavy ground, to move on to a more drenched going, ending in heavy going.
My choice for this race is Someone Exciting, a promising 4-year-old who has a strong relationship with a heavier going, as she has already shown good performance in soft terrain and also in heavy, which makes me excited to bet on her for this race, since my projection is that from the fourth race on the going will be well drenched and our race is the sixth.
We have a strong opponent in the race, Jordan James, but he hasn’t had good performances on heavier terrain of this level, which leads me to believe that however much he may adapt, he will make a race below what Someone Exciting can do on this track.

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Betting Suggestions:

Race: Carlisle - Race 6 - 20h50 (UK time)
Bet: Someone Exciting - Winner (Bet365) @7
Stake: 2 Units


Betting suggestions presented in this column are punter in nature.
We don't intend to guess the winner every time. Our goal is to look for investment opportunities in bets we believe have positive expected value, meaning long term profit is to be expected. Therefore, we are not responsible for any losses you may have following our suggestions.

Moreover, horse racing markets are very volatile, so a good bank management strategy is fundamental, even more so than in football markets.

Our suggestions are usually for the Winner, E/W and Podium markets, but in some cases we may suggest multiple bets. Check the rules of these markets by reading the following article: «Horse racing market types».

This column features a specific and professional bank management strategy, based in units.

Bets suggested in this column have investment values from 1 to 4, depending on the reliability and value of the bet. This concept is similar to the well-known division of the stake in: Small, 1/3 of the unit, Mid, half unit, and Big, the whole stake.

Betting suggestions will be published from Tuesday to Saturday early in the morning.

Odds presented here are the ones available at Betfair and Bet365, so we suggest opening an account with them, because of the variety and type of bets, better odds and higher limits. Remember that you get great advantages by opening an account through the Academy. Just follow the link: «Win Academy Points».

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