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Horse racing betting In-Play: get an advantage

Horse racing betting In-Play: get an advantage

With the assistance of a betting software it's clear to see how the race is progressing despite the fluctuating odds.

On the occasions the market is not so accurate, there's huge potential for those trading bets in-play.

With the recent advancements in technology, we can now place a bet not only minutes before a race is due to start but also when a race is taking place.

Volume of Bets in Horse Racing

In fact, around a quarter of turnover on each race is gained through ‘in-running’ bets. This offers something completely new to the markets as it offers the opportunity to make very quick money through split-second decisions; something that requires a bit of practice (and self control).

The introduction of this style of betting has led to some interesting tactics being employed. Some people prefer to stick to the form guide and make fact-based decisions whereas others like to judge how the race is going and watch the action closely as it unfolds. With in-running exchange betting there is also the option to skim some money 'left on the table' but you'll have to be quick.

Trading Bets In-Play

The style of betting has seen the introduction of many ‘in-play traders’ working the markets as takes place. With the assistance of various betting softwares it's clear to see how the race is progressing despite the fluctuating odds. Through implied chance the markets express what is happening quite accurately, most of the time. On the occasions the market is not so accurate, there's huge potential for those trading bets in-play. This doesn't just apply to horse racing either, however most other sports have a longer bet-placement delay.

Watching races unfold on TV through the various camera angles can be ok. However, they can also create confusion. At some courses this can be a formidable advantage to in-play traders, particularly those at the track.

Horse racing livestream Price How to access?
WilliamHill free An online bet of just £1.00 or more on any UK, Irish or South
African race qualifies you to be able to watch the live action.
Bet365 free On the day of the race, you must place a bet of at least £0.50 win, or £0.25 each-way (or currency equivalent) on your selection(s), this applies to single and multiple bet types. 
Betfair free For Exchange bets on GB, Irish, UAE, Latin American, Australian and Singapore (Horse Racing) and BAGS and RPGTV meetings (Greyhounds) a minimum matched bet of GBP5 (or currency equivalent) must be placed on the relevant market.
Betfair sportsbook free For Fixed Odds or Sportsbook bets on GB, Irish , UAE, Latin American, Australian and Singapore (Horse Racing) and BAGS and RPGTV meetings (Greyhounds) a minimum bet of EUR0.50 or GBP0.50 (or currency equivalent) must be placed on the relevant market to watch a single race.
Unibet free You just need to be a registered customer, to be logged in and have some money in your account. Occasionally we might have to introduce a fee for a specific event to cover unusually high costs of providing the streaming. This would always be clearly marked.
Ladbrokes free To watch live streams you must be logged in and have placed a bet of at least £1 GBP (or currency equivalent) on the race you wish to view.
Paddypower free To watch a particular race you need to bet £€1.00 or £€0.50 each way on a selection in the Win or Each Way market.

Betting Software

Much like your chosen exchanges website you will see the current lay, last traded and back odds. Depending on the program chosen and layout it may look a little daunting at first. The big difference though is speed, with one-click betting and faster refresh rates it's easier to react to what's occurring on the course. If you see that the trading range for a horse that isn't favourite is increasing, it may be worth turning your focus in that direction. The best opportunities often come either end of the price spectrum. For example you will notice that when the favourite comes under a bit of pressure, the price will start moving around a little and the other runners will start to receive more support. At this point if you have a clear-cut opinion that the market doesn't conform to you may want to get involved.

Approved Betfair trading software listed on

Tools such as these are easy to use too as a simple click will allow you to back or lay via a market showing the different odds available. You can also adjust settings so that you can react with one single click which means that you can get the horse for the best possible odds as soon as you make up your mind on where to go.

This is the best way to go when wanting to try your luck in the in-running market as you will see everything you need to know right there in front of you. As mentioned, around a quarter of all revenue on races is gained through in-running bets and the fact that only 33% of all favourites end up winning the race means that you can find the real winner and act on it in a matter of seconds.

If betting in-running sounds a little risky, you might prefer to stick with pre-race trading.


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